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Lord, I Think We Need To Form Our Group Too!

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Dear Father,

The way I am looking at this voting thing here, I think if we continue to sit on the fence we will na chop some of the free money passing around here oo.

Da true oo, my son, because right now we have all kinds of groups coming together pledging their supports here and there. You have the shoe shine boys association for the re-election of the Old Ma, the money exchangers for the election of this, the students united for the election of the only outstanding Reverend in the race blaa, blaa, blaa.

But my son, we gat to be smart before we come pledge our support somewhere where nickel self we will na chop. At least if we pledge our support, it must be to somebody who will make us to get our own budget to print our flyers or to be able to get lay thing in our pockets for the noise we will be making at the end of the day and not to some kina broke man who will just use us and at the end of the day call us village or country boys.

Yes, my son, you are making sense, this thing is not about whether the person wins or not it is about what you can get now. So, we have to be very careful in making our decision, because this cocoa season, when you missed it, you will have to wait for another six years before another harvest time and who knows whether you will be around.

Hum, pappy, this thing here da true, we have to be tactical, and the motto is self before country, which means anywhere you see the cash da where you flow, whether the man or woman will not even be named among the first three people as long as he or she can drop something, you just have to go there and get in some of those T-shirts and you are in business.

Uh um, talking about T-shirts, all the other people get names when they form their groups, so how will we call our group? While if we say the intercessors’ association for the election of this or for the re-election of the Old Ma.

No, my son, it will na be correct because da na everybody like this spiritual thing. In fact, not everybody believes in prayers, some think everything that happens in life is by mere coincident. I see.

Okay, Father, I have an idea, why if we say Father and Son united for the re-election of the Old Ma or for the election of the most outstanding Reverend or the Only Man on the Ground?

I think that will be a good name because, that means we are putting together all the fathers and sons in our village which means when all the men in the village pledge their support to one person, we only need to convince our wives to come on board.

Huh, Father, da one will be hard oo, because some women are diehard supporters of other candidates while their husbands are on the other side.

But Father, ehn the Good Old Book says the men are the head of the home so it means anything the men say to their wives will be the final

My son, it doesn’t work like that these days oo. Haven’t you heard about the women’s right? But if this is the case we can punish them by turning our backs on them in bed for at least two weeks to get them to succumb.

Huh, my son, my son, you think that the women will feel it; it’s the men that will feel it. The women can even go for whole year or even more, it means nothing but it is the men that are going to feel it.

I think all we need to do when our association works is to lie to them plenty and that is where we can convince them, because women like lies. It is so because they like to hear good things every day.

Anyway, so who are we going to pledge our support to, the thing is clear my son, the person who can release. The Old Lady, they say, she gets glue on her hand so how to get her to release da the thing. And she already gets plenty support so she wouldn’t care to buy into our group.

My son, forget da thing, da election time here, ehn the people can say more days more dollars, so more supporters the chances of her winning first round is likely. So by this formula she will be force to release. 

But they say the most Outstanding Reverend in the race can release “mile” like hell, so at least we can pledge our support with a long speech and sorrowful stories, he will not just release the “mile” but he will blessed us too.

But we have to vote for him after that oo. Huh, Father, you too ya, they tell you da all the people running up and down here will vote for the people. Some of them did not even registered before you talk about them having voting cards. And more besides, da my one will be standing behind the box, and will the most outstanding Reverend in the race be there? So, that thing you talking let the man worry not me!!!

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