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Lord, I want To Be President Too (Pt 2)

Dear Father,

I wonder these people think to be president that sharp mouth.  They think it is just waking up one morning imagining yourself at the Village Castle, with plenty of security guards and people waiting on you to say good morning Mr. or Madam President.

I say my son, myself have been thinking the same way too-because every Tom, Dick and Harry, will just jump from bed and put their fingers up saying they want to be president for this little village misinforming people that they alone have all the solutions to our pitiful problems.

Not knowing majority of them are so, so crooks and hustlers looking for gravy. But they come under the guise of being some kind of millionaire-I don’t know if they are rich as they claim why they can’t build factories and own companies or real estate for the people to work.

But Father you know what I can’t stand about them? No, my son, what is it? You see most of them forget that from the day they put those bent fingers up to declare that they want to be president all their dirty cloths will have to now be washed in the public. How they cut corners and dupe people and all, the poor village people gat to know.

Father, what they failed to realize is that politics is not for children. It is not a game for boys and girls. It is a game for real men and women not people with thin skin that get offended when there is something negative about them in the papers or when a town crier criticize them.

One other one threatened to take this paper under the palaver hut, boasting of how he would use all his resources because he says this paper had written things about him that is not true and he feels that the paper is on a campaign to damage him.

Now, campaign have not even started and you want to take town criers under the palaver hut, what will you do when the real campaign starts where all your dirty secrets will be outside, will you abandon the campaign to start fighting town criers all over the place?

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In the first place, politics is not for those who want to remain clean. There is now saint when it comes to the game of politics. Once you have decided to join this game you must be able to endure the pains cause by the foul.

My son, you are right, politics is actually not for children, it is for grownups. Can you imagine Father, some of them just feel they will come and put those bent fingers up with fake CVs and think that nobody will check them?

They think we are still in the era of so say one, so say all, where the masses could not challenge the credibility of their leaders? If that dat one they thinking then I think it is the figment of their imagination, because the town criers here this time will check every “I” and “T” in what you claimed to say you are.

But wait oo, my son, when they come and lied to the people in this village promising them how they will do this or that and when they win and forget them, who can take them to task? Okay forget about them winning, what’s about the one them that can give them small votes self, do they come back to say thank you? So why the people in this village can’t take them to task too now?

You mind them Father, me, I think they get plenty town criers to take under the palaver hut oo, because to be president dat na conned man thing. You will not just come from one slum and lie to people here saying you want to be president then they jump behind you. Kiosk or kitchen sef you don’t have then dat president job you want come chop?

And you know what I like about the people in this village, Father, they will help you to relax in your folly, making you to believe that they really like you, but dat na you and them will be in that little box where they will have to make the final decision.

Father, the people in this village na stupid like before oo. All the conned man them who made it in 2005 will not survive this time around oo.

All those conned artists coming around saying they want to even enter the Traditional Council have to be very strong. The free ride they had the last time will not exist in this coming voting time.

The people are very sensible now because they know that by the time these people enter the Traditional Council or even the Village Castle their grammar change straight. It is no longer my people but my family and friends.

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