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Lord, I wonder These Chiefs Think They Can Outsmart Us All

Dear Father,

Isn’t it kind of funny, that at the time every citizen in this village would be preaching the equality gospel as enshrined in our village oracle, some chiefs at the Traditional Council will always come up with sometime that tend to protect their personal egos and deny others their rights within the oracle?

And the thing about it is that they think they can outsmart everybody to get their way through just by raising their tiny fingers at that Council.

My son, what is happening again, it has been quite awhile since I last heard you speak like this?

Father, sometimes it is good to express oneself and let other people know that they are not just leading stupid bunch of people around here in our village.

You haven’t said anything yet my son. All I can tell from your expression is that your anger continues to rise.

Yes, Father, it is exactly so because this thing is getting too much nowadays.

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You see, Father, few weeks ago, it was one chief at the Upper end of the Traditional Council who came  up with this  crazy  idea with the sole intent to deny some citizens of our village who have the opportunity to serve at the Village’s big Money House their due rights within the oracle- that is the right to vie for any position in our village during voting time.

Father, I don’t know whether it was out of his personal fear or due to his own selfish ambition, he submitted a proposed decree before his fellow chiefs, giving some explanations that appear to be in conflict with our village oracle as a basis.

For, all you know Father, this chief had heard out of rumor that the current head of our village big Money House is also eying the Old Lady’s seat. In his own thinking, with this man’s position if he gets in the competition, he will have no challenger because of his financial strength and therefore they should decreed that anybody occupying that post should be barred from contesting a village position. Nonsense!  

And you know with the noise that greeted such a selfish idea, I don’t know whether such a proposed decree will ever come alive.

But come to think of it Father, while we were yet looking at the selfish intend of such decree and why would anyone in our village try to circumvent the village oracle in an attempt to deny others, then came another one. This time from the Lower end of the Traditional Council, which seeks to broaden the first.

The Chief who proposed this selfish, biased decree, by way of plagiarism, appears not to have actually understood the one from which he copied.

But Father, here is the issue; the proposed decree only seems to target one particular group of big people in our village leadership. Interestingly, they too who have power to decide who receive which portion of our village cake, are conspicuously left out.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, Father, they are trying to paralyze others just to perpetuate their stay in power, like we say in Charlie land “No Challenger.”

If you think other people will abuse their position as appointees in the village what about you who decide the village cake and other concessions, will you not abuse your office too? Why be so selfish to the extent that you would seek to undermine the village oracle over night.

You know, Father, their actions are well spoken of in the book of Jude, it says from whence come fighting among you. Is it not for your greed and selfish desires.

The Good Old book went on further to state that: they condemn and criticize, but in the same thing they are so corrupt.

Come to expand this further, it says where they should have done well they are so corrupt, yet they criticize others for the same thing.

Look in their various offices today, children, nephews and nieces, friends, relatives including that of love ones-so isn’t the entire village leadership practicing nepotism?

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