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Lord, Is It Not Too Early?

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Dear Father,

Have you heard? They say one old soja man who has declared his intention to run for our village biggest job has started seeing one old man Musa in one of the Western districts in our village to do some juju for him to get the job. They say, every Saturday conned-man can pack his pick-up with plenty thing them to go see the old man Musa.

But Father is it not too early to start seeing old man Musa them around here? Well, maybe the old soja man wants to prepare his field way ahead of time. But what happens if the oracle changes his mind as it was in the case of plenty people who said God had called them to be President in our village during the last voting time?

Because maybe right now, the oracle is only seeing the old soja alone in the silver bowl, so his conclusion is that the old soja is the only man on the platform and therefore is the only man on the ground and would eventually be the winner comes 2011. Remember some of those oracles do not allow women in their presence, so, maybe the oracle has overlook the presence of the Old Lady in the bowl.

Are you sure Father, because I remembered one other lawyer who wanted to be our village chief during the last voting time here. Those who used to call our man say every 4:00 PM whenever you called, you could not get him because he was spending sometimes before the Oldman who was giving him instructions how to run our village’s affairs.

But what happens? Ah, maybe the men spent more time before the Old Man, until the Old Man changed his mind. The Old Man wanted to really know your man. Father can you imagine the lawyer started campaigning way before the people could go to Charlie land to decide on how to make Yule Blunder squatting village chief.

They say the lawyer became one of the most pious politicians around here who never made one straight sentence without “God” being mention about two to three times. They say your man had one 419 man of God who told him that the Old Man had chosen him and that he had selected a particular suit for his inauguration. They say that is the suit our man used to wear all of the time when he was before the Old Man receiving instructions.

So, it means your man was very sure of being our village chief? Yes, oo, Father. No wonder he got so frustrated more than the footballer around here. Father, don’t you think it is a lesson for the old soja man to learn from the lawyer so that he may stop putting all his eggs in one basket?

Anyway, they say what is happening at the Traditional Council again? Oh, I heard the chiefs then na pass some kind of resolution where they say they want some kind of special voting for this coming voting oo.

And they say the Old Lady happily signed it too. My people what is this? You mean the people who suppose to protect our village oracle are the very people destroying it? How can the Old Lady and the Chiefs triumphed upon our village oracle? Is it selfish interest or what?

You mean because they want to satisfy their selfish desires for political gains so they decided to throw our village oracle one side? Father, isn’t this very unfortunate? It shows how greed and selfish desires can make people behave in some way that you will never believe they would.

Father, the law is the law no matter what and these very people pledged to uphold the law. So it just tells you that next time you see them swearing by the Holy Book to protect and defend our village oracle you should just shun them, because they don’t mean one bit of what they say.

They are only during so in fulfillment of a ritual, that is an exercise that must be performed; an oath that is never believes in by them but must be taken. So why alter it in the first place?

You saw the other paramount chief the other day who took the law into his own hands when he acted like a gangster and beat up that poor blue uniform man. Had it been somebody else oh, forget it, he and his generation would have been behind bars by now.

But the Chief he is walking a free man with people rising to his defense. No wonder the actor called this place “the God forsaken continent” where only the powers that rule are the laws. They interpret it the way they think it would suit them. Welcome to the “Banana Republic”.

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