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Lord, is it the tale of the Toad & Crocodile?

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Dear Father,
So wait oo, is it the tale of the Toad and the Crocodile unfolding at the Traditional Council so? Hmmm, just thinking aloud oo.

What do you mean my son?
Oh Father, haven’t you heard the tale of the Toad and the Crocodile before? They say when the Toad comes from under the river and tells you that the Crocodile is asleep, you should believe it, because it lives down there with the Crocodile-that heavy gees oo.

Tell me something my son. So what does it has do with the Traditional Council? Hmmm, haven’t you heard how one small boy in the office of one of the Chiefs at the Traditional Council been talking how the Chiefs them collected Uncle Sam money 20,000 each for our Money House to go and print new family money?

You joking my son!
Father, this one that na joke oo. It be serious matter right now as I am writing you na, na. In fact, the particular Chief who is a woman and the big person for four different group but with one agenda fini suspending the boy for one month without pay. She say the thing the boy talked na bring disgrace to she and her friend them and for that he suspended for one month without pay.

But wait oo my son did she deny it? Father, me I na hear her say it na true. All I heard was that the thing the boy talked na bring disgrace to she and her friend them so she punishing him.
You joking right?

Aah, Father, da this kina thing I coming joke with? But anyway the other chief them say that lie-hayaka.
But have you heard anything from that big mouth chief who say he went over there to carry light to the place?

No, Father, in fact, it looks like the light bulb is losing energy small, small oo. But you know those chiefs Father, they will never come up to say they received money. The bad news for them is that the person who talking plenty work with them and know how they can cross some of their deals there.

So like the Toad from the River, when the young man tells you that the Chief them collected 20,000 of Uncle Sam’s money each, you should not doubt it, because he lives and work there with them.

But my son, ehn they say, the Paramount Chief asked them to look into the young man story?
Father, leave that thing ya, ehn that jus to save their faces. Me I believe in the Toad and Crocodile story at least to a large extent. Like in this very case, the story hold some water. Some of the people jus came from voting, what do you expect, they need some of their money back na.

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