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Lord, is it true Borbor chopped him pekin Teetee?

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Dear Father:

Hmm, have you heard de news? They say one Pekin wehdey work for our village Town Crier says Borbor don chopped him Teetee. De Pekin de cried him heart out for him Teetee, it not be joke matter oo.
You say whatin?

Uh, Father da de news me I heard oo. They say right na, the Pekin na for put foot for our village for fear da Borbor would na send some people after him.

Tell me something!
Yes oo Father, de matter be serious for dis village oo. Even all we naPekin for village with fine, fine Teetee then dey worry right na, na.

But my son, tell me da who causedsamp-it be de Pekin or him fine, fine Teetee?
Father, dis one water don pass garioo. And I don’t even know sef how to feel answer da other question.
De thin make we confused. De onlythin we dey hearsay pekin dey cried for Facebook on him Borbor for his Teetee.

Father if you see the fine, fine Teetee for Facebook, she dey post very well with some fine car be oo. They say pekin tell him friend then say da Borbor dey buy for him Teetee-Kayeee!
But my son oo, is it true sef? I mean all de thin de pekin dey talk for him Borbor.

Ah Father, which one be yor own. Me I feel tell you say they say de pekin say. De only thin me I feel know is da Borbor like fine, fine Teetee bisnay and him pekin Teetee fine pass toooo.
Hmm, my son dis one na why oo.

Father you see for dis village ehn plenty thins don dey happened. So Teetee matter for village it na be jus na thin.

Before, before, our village had one Borbor weh feel smoke bone, de book people can call it Cuban Cigar. He too he used to like follow his pekin them Teetee plenty.

They say one time he feel chopped one of his Cabinet Kitchen staff Teetee. So de man don know da him chopped de thin. So na he go beat him woman finish and Borbor dey hear. The say Borbor don vex and go sack amp for job.

They say na him Teetee then go beg de Borbor for him to get him job back. They say when de Borbor called de man at de Village Castle in front of him friends, he told de man to take off his trousers. And when de man do ehn, de Borbor told him look at you, you think you man, go back to work mehn!

Even for Bible, one Borbor there feel chopped him pekin Teetee too. And after him fini chopped him pekin Teetee de Teetee got Belle then he go killed him pekin to cover him sin.

These people ehn, Father den be wicked too much. So they feel say all the Teetee for village they should taste ehn?

No, dis one be serious. How can these Borbors not be happy with their own? Den feel say they have right to all the Teetees in the village.

Me, Father I only get one advise for the pekin them da feel work for these Borbors-don’t get Teetee so da you can do yor work in peace.

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