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Lord, is it true that a pastor sacks a bishop?

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father:

You know, the other day I was just browsing through my social media page and one social media friend of mine raised this issue about a pastor sacking a bishop and I couldn’t believe it.

I ran to my computer to research where a pastor has ever sacked a bishop on this planet earth before. But then I later realized that I was in Lib, a village that is known as the pacesetter, where every strange thing can happen.

You mean a pastor really sack a bishop, how possible can that be my son?

Hmmm, the one da had me confused because the bishop is greater than the pastor in the religious hierarchy. Nowhere have we heard that a pastor established a church and make someone else bishop over him not possible.

So who is this pastor and which bishop did he sack?

Oh Father, ehn you know Big Brabee, the number one Country Giant in our village-he is the pastor.

You say whatin, the man that pastor too?

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Kpooo, you na know the man that pastor, senior pastor at his church named after his oldma?

And who the bishop?

Oh, da one other Brabee who go abandoned his church to go work for the pastor ay. The man says he needed extra income because it looks like the offering that was coming from that place had reduced and he needed to do the balancing thing-you know.

But wait ooh my son, what really happen before the pastor sack him um, I mean disgrace the man like that?

Father, da what can happen when you leave your calling area and go to where the Old Man has not sent you. Da what this boy called when you bypass your respect, you can bother with your disgrace.

Father, I don’t know what the Bishop, whole Bishop was thinking when he accepted to be employed by a pastor?

In the first place, the man reversed the entire spiritual order. And only one thing can cause that greed. Greed comes about when you are not satisfied with what you have. When the man was supposed to be doing the Old Man’s job counseling his sheep, he took it to sit somewhere to watch out for the pastor.

Looka, now he did not play his watchman role well and he has brought this big disgrace in the spiritual kingdom.

Where has he ever seen a whole bishop being recruited to work under a pastor?

Father that the same question I have been asking myself ehn. Why would he do such a thing a whole bishop abi leaving his flocks to go a serve a pastor at the pastor’s will and pleasure too oo.

Now, he has made the Country Giant to set a precedent that every other pastor now will follow. They will just wake up one morning and look into the eyes of their bishop and tell them you are fire for administrative reason.

Yes, because one bishop made set himself up to be used as an example. And this is a warning to all those bishops running from their churches to be employed by this pastor-many fighting to be on boards of our village corporation. You are abandoning the Old Man’s job for your personal benefits, so shall your disgrace be like this bishop. Now you know that we have a pastor who can sack bishop-be warned!https://thenewdawnliberia.com/lord-the-thing-is-too-shameful-mehn/

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