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Lord, Is It True?

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Dear Father,

Huh, have you heard the news? They say one of the people them who want to be president in our village have been dragged to court by one money house. They say corned man has been begging behind closed doors for the past two weeks now to settle the issue quietly so that it cannot ruin is already slim changes to the throne.

Is this true my son? Ooh, Father relaxed, they say corned man collected that thing during the first voting time. They say that the same money business the money house owners made palaver with its first white man who was heading the place. You joking me! Wait now, da fire coming from my mouth?

Tell me, my son, how much are we talking about here? Mm, Father, they say da plenty money oo. But how your man will manage now because the other time I heard him crying broke.

But that the strategy now, the guy apparently knew what was coming,  so indirectly, he was trying to use wisdom to tell the people that the only reason why he has not pay that money is because of the reasons he gave.

Huh, but Father, I don’t think this other voting year here we will allow broke man them to come in oo-because the last time we made it free for all, and all kinds of people were able to pass through, thanks to the Football Legend on whose name many of the brokers were able to find their ways into the Traditional Council.

I see, no wonder their money business na easy. Yes, oo Father, I say some of them who were dry like me, if you see them this time the jaws are all swollen. You can see da my friend from New Kru Town? What about that girl from the Gobachu Market? Ah, that some there now.

But you know what they have done Father?  You know that after they entered broke and got something for themselves now they have voted to increase the fees so some broke people who are more popular than them can’t come and take their place. You are kidding me. Da true, you heard.

Okay so what will our man do na? Which man, ehn we were just talking about our man and the money house business. Ah Father, if you like we can put it in the hole oo, but that man I think it rough on him.

Come on man, who told you the man is broke? Father, the thing came from the man own mouth. The man says da the Old Lady responsible for his condition. Uh, so what about the other man? Which other man? I mean the Old Soja, I heard your man took one car from some sanitation people and they behind his back too oo.

But wait oo, you mean the man them who want to be president in our village da how they can behave when it comes to being men of their words in their transactions. You see the Good Old Book says “If you are not faithful in a little thing, how can you in given a bigger one.” Don’t ask me what part of the Good Old Book it coming from because I aspect you to know.

Okay, da something I wanted to ask you my son, what happened between you and the corruption police people? Nothing happened Father. Wait now, somebody say something happen. No, but they way you people have been talking about the people now. Ah, so what make you think they are so different from the other people?

No, da one there I will na agree Father. That military base the people on down there, all the girl them for the big man no one can touch and all that funny, funny thing them they doing there, let talk something else ya.

When it makes them vex they must go and burn the sea. Ehn they get their paid agents, da place more than Sodom and Gomorrah, trust me Father. The one the book people called favoritism, nepotism and all is right there.

People chopping foolish money around here and pretending to be angels when they have more dirt.  I ready for them Father, the only thing they can do to me right now is to kill me, but until then we inside.

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