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Lord, Is Our Gov’t Wearing Skirt?

Dear Father,

Is our government really wearing skirt or it just lack the political will when it comes to certain things?

What do you mean my son?

Father, you know, it is so sad, to see them fussing and fighting over everything and leaving behind the important works that are needed to be done in this village.

Today, if the people from the Castle and the Chiefs from the Traditional Council are not fighting over benefits and money, it will be you say, I say.

And you know Father, sometimes, they will take a whole month dragging that one thing back and forth, no hay, no tale. And as they are doing the pulling and hurling , precious times are being wasted to do the village people job.

Father, sometimes it like the Chiefs are wearing short trousers under their skirts saying, “ehn they want to be spoiling our names around here we will make sure we frustrate them.” While they are doing that Father, the people from the Castle too will be jumping all around saying “that yor chief them, they are the ones wasting time”. This will go on and on and nothing comes from out of it.

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Now, when they are doing these hurling and pulling it is the village coffer that bleeds, because they will continue to take fat salaries and benefits. Some will even arrange by force travels at the expense of the village.

They will use all this time in vein, the very important thing they supposed to be talking about then they come and bring in politicks.

And Father you know, when  the government start acting like chick, all the good, good things can come and pass by it.

Look at the Chinese US60million ministerial complex gift for an example. Are you saying that the government cannot find a place to show the people where to build?

But my son, how will the people come up with one understanding when all they care about is personal interest-how to get re-elected and not how to educate their people what it means to sacrifice for such bid development to come to our village and hide some of the forest small.

So, true Father, these people are self-centered, greedy, self-seeking politicians for true.  Can you imagine one of the Chiefs saying if the people from the Castle move certain group of squatters from a place it has intended to build the ministerial complex then it will bring war and the people from the Castle too, so scare like chicks, have withdrawn and are all over the place looking for place, nonsense!

You know, the thing the people supposed to be afraid of they are not.

Which one they supposed to be afraid of my son?

The plenty stealing they are doing all over the place is what they supposed to be afraid of because the Bible says “Thy shall not steal.”

But that development they are withholding and pretending that some people want to make noise about it. Can’t they see development in the other villages that they visit? They think it came by people teeth on nursery? It came with pain. People homes and offices have to be broken down to give way to streets and six lane boulevards.

But here, everything is politricks to the point that they don’t even know what to politicize again. Even boyfriend and girlfriend business that politricks inside too.

But Father, you know what, in all these things I blame the Old Lady and if the Chinese people take their money back, we hold her responsible because for a few people she cannot withhold good coming to the country.

The people who are to that place had been told long time not to move to that place, they were hard headed and now you cannot use the place just because one chief have threaten war so you have turn your back on it, what a shame.

So, the way the man na threatened na, so where is ideal that you are going to find? It is the same way yor wasted time with Ducor till the people were unable to do anything and the man who was behind it die.

You have another US60 million free offer, to save our village from paying plenty money to friends and family, but yor na put politricks inside again. Just how we are looking at West Point today if care is not taken that is how we might even be looking at that place and no ministerial complex.

The thing I see with our Government here is Father; they do not seize the moment. No wonder they behave like chicks. They think that by cataloging what friends have promised and telling everybody will bring it to existence?

Even God will not do for man what man ought to do for himself. How much more mortals? The people have made the offer then you running around calling town criers meeting every day, without giving a definite site as to where the people will build. You say you are timing the political environment, Go and ask the people in Lagos since you don’t know what to do.

Be going around like a girl, telling her friends the promises her boyfriend has made to her, before she realizes the time she supposed to spend with the boyfriend to make sure she has what he has promised is what she is using going around telling friends. In that process, the man would find somebody who has his time. The next thing is regret. You should now take off the skirt and wear trousers. We cannot afford to lose the Chinese money as we have tabled the industry city and now looking for somebody else to take Ducor.

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