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Lord, is that how we will run our village gov’t?

Dear Father:

Um, why are these people giving this Paramount Chief so much hard time? The man in fact is a true patriot who has this village at heart. The man is ready at anytime to spend his own money for this village, but at least it should come back with 100% interest that’s all. Now, instead of the people celebrating the man, they are here talking all kinda thing.

Look, Mr. Paramount Chief, I support you ya, just make sure you be cutting deals for the village, while heading the lower end of the Traditional Council.

But my son you think this is the right way to run your village government?

What do you think Father? Every day, our people are crying there is no money and that even as we speak there is no budget and don’t forget the government needs to be running, projects need to be completed.

So, if the man under writes the cost for a consultant who suppose to look at our black gold law, isn’t he in some way helping the village? In fact, the man did not even go to the place where they can do the money transaction himself.

Hummmm, is that so?

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Yes, Father. The man had to send another chief as an errand boy because he could not trust those boys over there at the money transaction place.

And how did the Chief perform?

Perfectly well Father. In fact, the chief was full of praises for the Paramount Chief. He says, he (the Paramount chief) is a man among men so, he is not too big to go on errands for him.

But interestingly Father, this is the same man who chairs our black gold committee at the Traditional Council. Imagine a Paramount Chief and the black gold chair teaming up at the Traditional Council-that is what we call coordination and collaboration.

So you see, instead of other people following this chief example, they are there causing noise. Here we are, rainy season just finished, we need to start work on our muddy roads.

All that needs to be done is for the Public Works boss to just credit the village about 200,000 from her account, to jump start some of the feeder roads, after all the village government will pay her back with 100% interest.

And the way they haven’t pay the town criers for a long time all my man Lewis Brown needs to do is to just take about 500,000 from his pocket to pay some of the town criers’ debts. He should not worry because the village government will pay him back with 100% interest.

The only thing my man needs to do is to send firing Jacko to the money transaction house with check because some of the  town criers are very tricky before they start saying they did not receive their money.

You know Father, if the heads of every department in our village were using their own money for the village to pay them back, that would have been a good way to run this village. I mean it is only my claims  against that of the village government.

And Father, I dare anybody trying to talk about it, I will first discredit them and divert the public attention from my corrupt practice.

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