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Lord, Is There Any Lesson To Learn?

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Dear Father:

You know, the recent internal bickering and outright displayed of naivety and greed for power within the Old Soja Man’s camp and the returning results have given me a lot of food for thought about the characters that parade the political streets of our village.

One episode that continues to repeat itself as I ponder over the entire scenario is the length at which these political animals are willing and ready to go to destroy an entire institution out of hatred, envy and jealousy in the name of providing a better alternative, when in fact the only solution at their disposal is total chaos and structural breakdowns. Because as soon as the reality begin to stir at their faces, the only thing you see is that they are running right back, this time to play the blame game, but the damage has been done anyway.

And you know Father, it is very easy for a character without substance or like we say in our village, “without front or back” to sit in the ghettos and street corners to open its lousy mouth and tear someone to thread. Oh that is very easy, no wonder it is often said that talk is cheap.

My son, you have been ranting for the past ten minutes and I am still struggling to get what you are actually trying to say.

Oh, okay, Father let me slow down and take you step by step. You know the other day, the people from the Old Soja Man’s camp were all over the town criers telling the entire village how he is insane and that such a person is not worth being their leader. Some even went to the extent of threatening to beat him up mercilessly had he shown up at their festival. Now, among these people were people this Old Soja Man helped to be what they are today, but you know greed, envy and jealousy na, they know no beginning.

Choosing to avoid trouble, the Old Soja Man stay away from their festival as far as he could. And so they went ahead to take what they had long been craving for-POWER . This is the target for which they took in all those poison and spilled out those venom.

Father, by this time one would have thought that after robbing the Old Soja Man of what he really put together, these political gravy seeking characters would be putting in place the relevant structures they have insisted had been lacking.

Unfortunately, few days after their festival, many have come to realize that they were wrong for removing the man in the first place and to save their faces they have resorted to the blame game.”I was not there,” one would say. “He was there,” replied another.

My son, maybe they thought after announcing that they had replaced the Old Soja Man as leader of the camp someone would have come from the blind side to dole out millions to them to start operations right away.

Father, that’s the thing about these political animals most of whom have no substance. By shouting and hallucinating around here does not establish one a contact or put him or her in a position to be trusted by anybody.

In fact, people deal with certain institutions because of their interest in certain characters. That is why for an example, when certain individuals leave certain companies or so, there are some clients that just choose to take their businesses elsewhere.  

So, you see Father, not because you see Peter there and he’s getting all the help and you don’t know how these funds are coming and you want to remove him. Maybe those funds are coming because Peter’s friends want him to succeed. But because you have seen those funds coming you think it will also come when you are there so you castigate the person whether true or false, all you want the person should leave.

Now when the opportunity is finally given to you, because you did not take time to learn from Peter and make Peter friends yours to establish that link, you become a big failure, because Peter is gone and his friends can’ trust you to do business with you.

Okay, you’ve made your noise and out of greed for Power, you have booted Peter out but you have no front and back to help you. And this is where the chaos begins with the structural breakdown and who suffers, the village.

And Father, in this village of ours of all the methods of learning, we are masters of just one.-learning by observation. And sometimes what we observe is not what it really is, because during most of our observations we assume instead of establishing the facts.

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