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Lord, Is There Anyone Left?

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Dear Father,

Mm, did you see what I saw last Saturday?  My son, mm, my mouth was even full, for a second there, I thought there was no one left for the other people.

My son, I felt I was day dreaming because I least expected this number-simply so because of the way the people in the village have been talking about the Old Lady, how she wicked and mean.

Is that so Father? Is she really mean and wicked?  Oh, my son, you haven’t heard how they say she gets glue on her hand and very hard to release too.

But Father, do they want her to just be spreading the money around like that, will they not say she’s trying to buy support and favor from people like you?

Anyway, my son what you saw shows that the Old Lady is really a serious threat to the other people  and it is very likely that some of them have even gone back to their drawing boards by now to see how best to reverse their strategy.

Yes, o, because this one the women mean business oo, because there were more women on the street young and old than the men. And they way the Old Lady’s daughters were looking beautiful in their t-shirts and jeans trousers, some conman them will easily slip from their parties, just to get closer to them oo.

Huh, but I hope they don’t take this gone Saturday to relax thinking they have already secure the Village Castle’s key oo, because their performance rating can drop from now to the voting day and the multitude we saw on Saturday could just disappear as they came as Hurricane Ellen.

Ay, you just leave them my son, let them sit down there and be complacent, the way the people in the Footballer and Government Bone’s Camp are now redesigning their strategy in a kind of revenge march that will leave the whole village trap for days, they should just be there.

Ehn, talking about the footballer’s camp, is it true that the Footballer have signed a deal with one white man from Uncle Sam’s village

Yes, oo, Father that is what I heard oo. But as to what he really signed the deal for is being interpreted differently in many quarters of our village.

How are the people in the village really interpreting it? Mm, Father, some people say da true other people say da na true. The people who say da true are saying so because according to them since the Footballer came, he has just been beating war drum, not knowing he had something under his sleeves.

But the other people who are saying da na true are blaming the Old Lady and her people for putting false thing together just to spoil the Footballer’s name and to slim their chances of beating the Old Lady next month.

So, what are the Footballer’s people saying about it? Ay, the first people who spoke, the Footballer spokeswoman and Government Bone special aide said there is no way  that their leader would have signed such a paper. In fact, they say it does not even exist and that it is the Old Lady who is using our village money to put all kinds of things together against their man.

But what is the Footballer saying about it?  Oh, Father, one thing I like about the Footballer is that he does not like to lie on simple things. The man made all of them shame. He says that true he signed the deal with the White man from Uncle Sam’s village but that na for war business. He says it was intended to help him win our village election.

So, does that mean his two people are lairs and need to apologize to the people in this village for lying to them?

Yes, oo, Father, they really need to apologize and even knee at the Old Lady’s feet to say Ma, we sorry for putting this thing on you; little did we know that our boss man did this thing in secret long time ago and we were just putting our neck’s on chopping board for nothing.

But Father, it looks like these people na know the Footballer good, good oo. They don’t know that the Footballer don’t like to lie about simple things like that?

You remember in 2005, during the last voting time when the people were arguing all over the place with some defending that he graduated from High School, while others said he did not? Yes, my son. And when the radio people called the man to explain the man told the entire village that he na like lying and so the truth was that he did not graduate from high school.

So, da that kind of man you will go lie for, he will come back and make you look very small. The man is an honorable man and will not hide anything from his people.

Father, does that mean that the people who are around the Footballer believe in lying? Ah, my son, this other question hard to answer, but me, I will make sure I check everything they say this time before I believe them oo.

Because, it looks like they love hearing themselves talking until they just say anything without thinking that the truth will come up one day. You mind them, they want to teach our Footballer how to lie, but the man is an honorable man and will not learn lying from them.

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