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Lord, is this Footballer that politically green?

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Dear Father,

You know, this guy never ceases to disappoint. I mean, when you think the occasion is ripe for him to redeem himself, it’s when he sinks deeper. Come to think of it, which politician would choose to crawl in a hole with his or her tale between the legs when such an opportunity to address a diverse crowd shows up?

Like seriously Father? Just imagine you are less than four month to an election that your future hinges on, is it not a perfect opportunity to show up and win the minds of some doubters?

That is called seizing the moment son.

Yes, Father, exactly. Every situation presents its own opportunity depending on how one seizes it and make the best or worse of it.

Hmmm, my son it comes with maturity and experience too oo.

Indeed, Father and I could not agree with you more on this one. And this is where I think our man has the problem-a serious one too.

But for a second there Father, this kind of display of political naivety could only be as a result of being surrounding by inexperienced chaps in politics who only cares about their belly as advisors or you the individual just careless or misplaced.

When the Old Lady emerged from her palaver hut the other day to join those group of people who have taken our village by storm for three days, it defined a true a mature leader. And this is not her first time though. When she was in charge of spear heading our village affairs like the footballer is doing now, she joined more dangerous demonstrators to calm them down and gave them her ears.

Staying away from your people on the advices of people who lack the knowledge of people oriented politics only prepared you for failure-bigly too.

A leader demonstrates care and concern for his or her people. By so doing you meet their needs and provide direction to remedy their pains. But to ignore them like the way the Footballer has done speaks volumes.

Now, how do you face them tomorrow when you are canvasing for their votes? Or is it that they have been classified as people belonging to the other side of the river. The truth is when the voting finish, you are the leader of all but you can’t please all. So to crawl yourself in a corner ignoring the concern of your people is a big political risk.

There is a saying in the good old Book that says “go to the ant, you sluggard” let it teaches you. It knows when to play around and when to gather its food. The ant never works during the rainy season, it uses the time to chill.

As a leader, you summer is after the election, it’s when you work harder, while the fruits that you gather during the summer takes you thru the next election.

Such massive gathering of people with pain in their hearts, is when you show up as a leader. It not time to cuddle and hide behind huge fence walls.

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