Lord, is this the sign of a looser?

Dear Father:

Umm, you know, when I was a kid growing up, I used to like playing games. Ludo, Checker, Blade-the game in which a player will hide his ring in the sand and other players use straws to locate it, monopoly and etc.

Most times when ever our games ended in confusion, it all began from the losing party. For instance, during a checker game, the player in danger of losing the game would scatter the seeds by citing too many intrusions from spectators or cry cheat. Confusion would immediately break up; the game is abandoned for a replay or new players takeover.

We are all grown up now of course. But I strongly believe some of us did not grow out of these childhood behaviors-I guess.

Like seriously my son?

Yes, Father, you know this is why you would hear some of the big people in our village saying things like-if they try it we will all spoil it! Spoil what, if I may ask?

To tell you the truth Father, if these individuals had matured in their thinking, especially knowing fully well from whence this village has come they would be careful with the kind of utterances coming from their mouths.

So you see Father, this is exactly why I am not the least surprise by the actions certain chiefs from the Upper and Lower ends of the Traditional Council. It is a pity you know; especially when power enters your brain it’s like a virus.

Now for a certain number of chiefs to think that they have power to fire some Elders from the Palaver Hut simply for during the job for which they have been place their to do is like going back to my childhood days.

It would appear to me that these guys who ever their benefactors are, they have already started smelling defeat.

So by going after these Elders at the Palaver Hut for during the job for which the people of this village pay them is just like saying-we will all spoil it, ehn they want to spoil it. That’s childish!

Sometimes, I wonder if these chiefs actually read and understand the power in this village or they at times just take the text from our village Oracle like that literally.

But the disappointing news is that Father; they have no power to spoil anything here. If they have come to realize that their chances of whomever it is winning our village election has been slimmed and there are other people with better chances of winning, they should concede rather than creating unnecessary attention around here.

Gone are those childhood days, where we would scatter the seeds and turn the board over because we are on the verge of defeat.

Wait oh, my son, are these chiefs saying you people should remove Elders from their posts for doing their work?

Yes, ooh Father. But to tell you the truth, this is action is just a smoke screen. Whatever they are planning will not work. The truth is some of them know very well that their days at the Traditional Council are over and they want to revert to anything that will delay their exit but thy lied through their teeth.

So are they telling us all the bad items they passed in the Traditional Council we should go after them and remove them?

These people are complete jokers!

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