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Lord, Is This The Tale Of Two Evils?

Dear Father:

You know, sometimes I find it quite amazing that a highly forested village like this, which lacks almost everything one can think of,  will spend several millions on a particular entity, charged it with a particular responsibility, just to turn around and rubbished all its efforts. At least not even one?

My son, what are you talking about and which village has spent several millions in vain?

Father, is it not our village, after they spent all those millions of dollars on the people that can check and see whether the big people taking care of our village money had been spending it wisely or on themselves, they have now turned around and termed the people’s work as complete nonsense!

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father, the Big person who is our village wise-woman says that the people produce so, so rubbish.

So, when did she know that the people have been producing rubbish? Is it after they produced reports that qualified you for the poor people debt relief? Or had projected you on the corruption fight pedestals?

Father, this is the thing, you know the people had not been doing a good job, yet still you have been giving them our village meager resources paying them huge sums and allotting millions of dollars for them to go and continue to produce nonsense.

So, between they and the people who produce the rubbish which of them is liable for causing a financial loss to our village? Because in as much as you know that the quality of work being produce by these people was rubbish, you still went on giving them millions of our village money that could have been spent on our schools and hospitals.

You allowed, that other pekin man to come and take away hundreds of thousands of Uncle Sam’s money from here, for supervising rubbish.

So if we were to have such oracle as causing financial loss to the state, you are as guilty as the one who also produce the rubbish, meaning you are all liable.

But come to think of it Father, I think they were just using them to meet certain requirements although they do not believe in the process itself. So the millions could have been a sacrifice. So what this means is that they are as wasteful as the people who produce the rubbish when it comes to causing financial loss to our village.

Anyway, causing financial loss to the village has become a common thing in our village these days, no wonder the chiefs from the Traditional Council have come up with a strategy to make the village fund their new desire-glob trotting.

Tell me something my son!

Oh, Father, you haven’t heard how the chiefs passed a new oracle for the village to fund their glob trotting? You know na, since many of them are bobo chiefs and will have nothing to explain to their grand children when they are booted out of the Traditional Council, a role as a tourist will give them bed time stories for their grand kids.

So why do the village have missions in other villages, while the people heading those various missions cannot be the ones to go on thanking the other villages for helping us?

My son, maybe it is just as you said people have nothing to do so they want to take on a new role as tourists, but funded by the village meager fund-nonsense!

But Father, how long, these ones, their day will soon break. It seems like you haven’t heard about the people in this village ehn. Some of them if you don’t take time after the years of enjoying these free money will start checking light-poles around here again.

should go and asked their friends who were booted out recently. One of them was thrown out of a house two months after he never had the opportunity to be a chief at the Traditional Council again: nother one has turned to a drug peddler. Shame on them all. Just leave them, my son, their day will soon break.

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