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Lord, Isn’t It Funny?

Dear Father,

Isn’t it funny to hear some people who have come from Uncle Sam’s village to work in our village as big, big people claiming to be suffering here. They say they are catching hard time. Father, listen to them; they say it na easy on them.

And do you know that most of these people earn more than Uncle Sam’s money 2000.00, compare to an average villager, they are very comfortable, yet they claim to be poor and are being supported here by their spouses from Uncle Sam’s village, from where they were handpicked as being their financiers. But as to whether they have the qualifications they so profess is another one to address in different forum later.

Father, despite the fact salaries most of them earn, plus the huge travelling pediems they often receive, these ungrateful big men still lie through their teeth that they are catching hard time here.

Can you imagine Father, the other day one of them told me how he is staying in a single room and that his wife from Uncle Sam’s village was the one doing all the payment and that in fact he has come to render sacrificial services for our village.

Father, listen to this crab! There are more than 3 .5 million people living in this village who do not even have the kind of opportunity you privileged few have, to say that the amounts you people are earning is a chicken change is the greatest disservice to our village, more than those who destroyed it over the past 20 years.

Father, this is pure nonsense! One of my own friends who is serving in an international capacity and is on the same salary scale with the people they brought here to stop our village big people from stealing our money, told me the other day that he had just received his Daily Sustenance Allowance or DSA from his wife in Uncle Sam’s village.

In short, Father, what this little crook was telling me was that he, like others are rendering sacrificial services and that he like the first speaker, is saying that he is depending on his wife in Uncle Sam’s village to support him here. Meanwhile, Father, this guy earns over US100, 000.00 per annual.

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And you know they always take this place to be a plantation? Listen to them some times when you meet them at the airport: “yes, mehn, I am going home to see the family,” that means they are on their way to Uncle Sam’s village.

But who forced them to come and take up jobs here in the first place? Isn’t it them who write these articles and send the articles back home with all the various degrees in search of jobs, cutting all the corners here and there giving all the wrong impressions to the power that be about themselves; Not knowing many of them have earned for themselves criminal records back in Uncle Sam’s village or in the first place don’t even have a job or the education they so trumpet?

In fact, most of them are truck and taxi drivers who come back home with an air of authority. So Father, next time you hear any of these big people in our village council, be it the sons of Adam or the daughters of Eve claiming to have left their lucrative jobs back in Uncle Sam’s village, asked them whether it was the truck driving job or the cab man job.

And Father, come to think of it when some of them say they are  really catching hard time here, it could be true because some of them were unemployed, so finding this job means they have to pay overdue mortgages back in Uncle Sam’s village.

And Father, what that means for our little forested village is that once the little over Uncle Sam’s money 2000 or so cannot help maintain them back in Uncle Sam’s village, they also start engaging in small, small stealing to meet up with other demands. No wonder they end up in single rooms or even stop with friends as they claim because the guys are suffering. Don’t want to bring the family on the plantation, want to live large, big mouth and big show.

No wonder the Old Lady is fighting tooth and nails to curb corruption but it is not having the deserving impact. Because the guys are cutting all the corners to make sure that they clear overdue mortgages’ bills and if they are not like me and love to chase small, small girls then the expenses will quadruple.

Now, Father, imagine all the guys with all these fabulous salaries and huge travelling perdiems, if they were to relocate here on the plantation, because that is how they call it, you know how it would have impacted positively on our economy?

Isn’t it a shame that majority of the people from this village have no love for this place and think it is in Uncle Sam’s village that they belong? And do you know one popular elder spends all the time in has spent here for the last few years in hotels? He spend one month here today, the next month another hotel.

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