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Lord, it just starting

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Dear Father;
Hmmm, they will stay long inside. Ehn that what we wanted, we inside good, good-in fact it just starting. The good news is nobody going anywhere, we will all be inside it till we see the end ahyaka.

Ay my son, which one people na get inside again that you want them to stay?
Father, who else will I be putting my lousy mouth on again if da na the people in my village. They are here winding let one old machine because I can’t say complaining. Yor say da the man yor wanted so why are you people all over the place crying?

Wait oo, they are crying for something they were running up and down here for?
Can you imagine this Father, some of them fought tooth and nails to ensure that the man became King. Now that the man na become King, we can’t hear our ears here. They just disturbing people peace we can’t hear our ears.

Our old people can say the dog can trust his butt before it swallow the bone. But didn’t they trust the man before? Da now they know the man na able the thing?
But Father, if you hear some of the things they saying around here na sef, you will wonder whether the people knew the man they were running around here for.

Um, so what are some of the things they are saying my son?
Father the thing sef too big for my lousy mouth. Can you imagine they say our man woman busnay na easy. They say goat pepe scent sef tell lie.
Tell me something!

Oh, da na small thing oo. They say the man went and impregnated his own brother woman he has brought down from Uncle Sam’s village and all. They say our man na stop there oh. They say every night he use to sneak into Charlie Land until the Old Man of the village had to call him and gave him some warning da the way he has been secretly coming in his village is not good, and that he na want trouble because when something happen to him, that his village name will be all over.

But our Brabee sef ya, you behind your friend daughter you can’t tell him, you have to be going to the man house secretly at night? You mean all the plenty thing then you gat around here, you still na satisfy-chey, yeah mehn the way the Brabee can do his owner woman busnay sef, like to say somebody swear him.

So, how the people in the village will na cry na? When the man will fini satisfying all the small, small girl them-from all over our neighboring villages and the ones that are here before he pay attention to our village na?

No, wonder the small, small children were on the streets the other day for their teacher them. The thing is what time the Brabee get for himself before he will think about some children who he will never see in the next hundred years. Instead, the Brabee gat to use the time to enjoy himself-after all, life too short for sorrow.

And come to think of it Father, I don’t blame the man for taking is men them joule because what time, the man get to look for them? They gat to go out and bring it. It was just by mistake da other one got pregnant-oops, it’s too late.Wait ya my son, you know how many children da Brabee get around here?
Anyway, we did not learn from the children of Israel. The Pappy warned them over and over but they did not listen.

The Pappy told them, it is better for me to be leading yor and yor just depend on me for everything ay. They said no, we want our king.. He said if yor get king, he will take all yor young girl them oo. They said no problem-we want king, we want king.
The Pappy say, yor lay farm them he will come and take yor young men them to join security and be putting pepper spray in yor children them eyebolt oo, they said yeah no problem.
So, it’s the same thing-da little boy asked us: kojolobo and poison which one yor want, we say we want poison-so poison it is. We inside and we rolling before this year end we will all balance.

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