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Lord, it must be a terrible thing!

Dear Father:
You know, the other night I was driving home from work when a friend of mine who runs a radio and TV network asked me to pull over to have a chat. It was around 11:30 PM.

I obliged and pulled over. As we both disembarked from our vehicles, soon we were engaged into political discussions and sharing our respective views on what we think about the upcoming elections and so forth.Then he began to link me with a certain political group based on speculations about my friendship with certain prominent individuals in society who are considered “my financiers” and are also friendly with some of the individuals in that group.

And when I said no, my friendship with these individuals does not involve my business; my friend took a step backwards and said wait a minute. Then I explained. The first thing he said was but you need to let the public know. I said no, I will not belittle myself. Let the public believe what they want to believe about me and these individuals relationship. I told him the only source of my success is the old man up there-God.

But here the thing though, when I also told him the speculations in town surrounding his business, he was like-are you for real? He almost went nuts.Father, what I have noticed in this village since I been back 12 years now is that our people believe that the only way to succeed in this place is to have someone spoon feeding you with their meager resources.

So it is beyond their wildest imagination that anyone can just succeed in this village without a financier who is just willing to waste their resource on you-even when it is very glaring that you are up to no good.

Yes, Father, it must be a terrible thing being a young successful person in our village. You have to justify to everyone how you got there, especially when you only came back to this country few years ago and met so many old hands on the ground doing the same thing over and over with no growth. But it gets even worse, unbelievably when the last thing they knew about you was that you were just working for somebody the other day.

And to add insult to these injuries, you will have to justify your story to the very people who go around telling all kinds of stories about you because of their own limitations and backward thinking-something which have robbed them of their successes, lack of self-discipline and uncontrolled appetite for waste.

So, it’s a terrible thing to see any young man or woman whose trust and hope is in the Lord succeeding. He must be linked with some powerful donors who just can’t resist his or her request or worse still into some cultic practice.

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You know Father; I have often told people here again and again that when you don’t have set goals and objectives in life people will set it for you and when they do, your end is usually in disgrace.

No hard feelings, but there are certain individuals in our midst who have overly abuse opportunities they had and today they are nowhere, because they lack integrity. These are people you should fear most. They are the ones parading around pulling everyone down.

And Father, the truth is a failure is one of the most dangerous people. The fact that he or she did not succeed, no other person should. They have degrees in crabology.
This is why our village is so under developed. We never ask the how. We only castigate others as a way of comforting ourselves and justifying our failures. They are this, because they have that.

There are people who have sworn to never do business with me based on my personal stance and what they think to believe-that’s so sad, because we are still moving strong with or without them.

There were some elderly people that I look up to who said we could not survive the first six months. Today, they are moving from one agency to another telling people not to do business with us. These things we hear daily and laugh out too. But it’s really a terrible thing when you try to do things differently here. We all cannot continue to sing the same song and sit at the same table. Others must be taught to do it differently and we are doing it differently. So, if you like waste all your time and energy on talking about us. We are just going ahead, while you stay in your miserable poverty.

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