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Lord, It Was Just A Dream

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Dear father,

It was as if I was standing right there listening in real life to the two. I mean everything was just real. It was like their final conversation. Their tones said it all. It was as if the Old Lady had long waited for this moment or should I say had expected to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that in deed she is the complete representative of the name “Iron Lady.

”My son what are you saying and what conversation are you referring to? Huh, Father, don’t worry it was just a dream. What kind of dream you had that you remember so much that you can’t stop talking about?

Oh, Father it was a telephone conversation between the Ray Head Man and the Old Lady. It was the Ray Head Man that I overheard first shouting at the other end of the telephone: “Oldma, Oldma, the people are carrying me oo.”

At first, I did not know what the conversation was all about until I heard this soft spoken matured female voice: “Boy, you are on your own now.”  Father, I soon realised it was the voice of the Old Lady.

Tell me more my son and what happened next? Father, it appears that the Old Lady response did not go down well with the Ray Head Man who sounded like he had been betrayed by someone who have given him all the assurance of support and that the person was now hanging him to dry.

“Okay”, shouted the Ray Head Man. “You think da my one will suffer?” He added. “Who do you want to suffer with you,” the Old Lady replied.

Father by this time the Ray Head Man tone had completely changed; one could sense the venom in his voice.

“Okay, I will talk and everybody will know the truth,” he shouted angrily. But Father it appears like the Ray Head Man’s threat meant nothing to the Old Lady, who laughed it out. “Ha, ha, ha, boy who is going to listen to you, least I say believe you?”

“Oh, you think nobody will believe me? It’s only your friends from the other side who will not, but there are hosts of people in the village there who know exactly what I am talking about,” the Ray Head Man shouted.

“You can say what you want boy, but the records are there and I have been finished and done with you long time. It is price, you must now pay on your own,” she said

By this time, I overheard something like footsteps in the background, it was the warders from Uncle Sam cousin’s village, the Ray Head Man’s privilege telephone call was now over and they had come to escort him to his new home.

“Wait, wait, that Old Lady was third in command of my rebel group, it is true, yor listen to me I can prove it. If you don’t believe me yor go ask the palaver hut people,” the Ray Head Man said as only his feet dragging sound could be heard.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha,” I overheard the Old Lady laughing from the other end of the telephone. “Look at this little rascal; you think you can challenge me, boy?”

Father, just within that time I felt those little fingers hitting me again as usual. It was my 3-year old daughter Olivia, who always run into my room at 6am when she is awaken to prepare for school.

I angrily jumped out of bed, shouting, oh, no, you again? Come to think of it, it was just a dream. Too much of thinking maybe.

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