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Lord, It Wastes, It Scatters!

Dear Father:

Huh, I know it has been quite a while now since you last heard from our village ehn? Sorry ooo, I went globe-trotting too. Other people agriculture break that to go to Uncle Sam Village, some are already living in the air. So me, I had to go globe-trotting small. The difference between me and them is that they can go with our village money, me I had to credit from a friend and thanks to some friend people.

Hmmmmmm my son, anyway welcome back.

Thank you Father.

So what is the latest news from your village, I heard that there are lots of things going on down there with people putting their friends butt outside ehn?

Yes, oo Father. I say it wastes, its scatters! The people brought one lay girl here she na easy. She is putting our big, big people butt outside like hell.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, oo, Father, the girl just releasing it every day-she say before she goes down she will make sure that she goes down with plenty big people in our village. She says she will make sure she put their butts outside so the villagers here can know their true colors.

She started with the big man for the Soja people, who was just there tearing his friend them apart. How some of them like food and liquor; how some of them can steal and nothing can come from it; and how the Old Lady can just re-assign some of them when the villagers make noise about their missing money.

You don’t mean it my son!

Oh, Father, you haven’t even heard anything yet. The lay girl released one other one these few days where the Blue Uniform people big man who suppose to ensure that she does not run away helped her to runaway with her boyfriend, then come the bombshell about the Old Lady and other people. Father as I speak to you, the girl makes everybody just looking potter-potter.

So embarrassed, some of the village wise men ran to the Palaver Hut, begging the Elders there to stop all the town criers from talking or writing about the girl’s recording. But they had to somersault the following day.

Father, it’s like they are so confuse and don’t know how to handle the things coming out in the open. Already the villagers are disenchanted about how they are suffering and this news coming out like this. So they were scared and ran like a little rat to reverse it.

But where they took her from and what was she doing in the village before she started recording all the big, big people them.

Father, the story we are hearing as to how she got to the village are many. Some people say it is the big man for the Soja people them who brought her back to our village and marketed her good to the Old Lady. And you know the Old Lady too, was immediately convinced-you know she likes to hear that the person is from so, so and so place now and have been working here and there. And the person profile can be very attractive when the name Uncle Sam Village is mentioned.

So, you mean she is one of those people living in Uncle Sam’s Village who believe that they have all the magic answers to your village problems?

Yes oo, Father, that’s exactly where she was imported from like so many of them who only come to steal and lift themselves out of poverty in Uncle Sam Village, while parading around here saying they have come to sacrifice. The funny thing is that after they have been shown the door-they stick and stay around sniffing like little dogs.

But they were sacrificing now, while can they just go back home?

Father, go back where? The guys are hustlers they make those silly defensive statements out of shame.

But my son, did I heard that the Chiefs from the Traditional Council say they are going to look into this little girl behavior and all the big people involve?

Father, that’s just for nothing morale ya. Their own stealing and secret recording them that can go on, what have they done? They just want to make free noise. The secret recording ehn da from their place it started?

Their friend who admitted on tape trying to divide our village money what did they do to him? They are all the same six and seven. That just news, but nobody is interested in it anyway.

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