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Lord, It’s All About Personal Interest

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Dear Father:

You know, the other day a friend came to my office and as we were discussing from one thing to another, he asked me-“why are you so critical of everything and everybody?” He asked and continued, “You seem not to trust or belief anybody or anything people tell you.”

And so what did you tell him my son?

Father, I just told him the truth. I said you know why none of these characters in our village political theater move me?  He said “no”.  I said the reason is simply because none of them are in my interest; rather their primary concerns are their personal riches and fames-and the way they go about it, puts me off and make me sick in the stomach to even give some of them credence.

In short, Father, I told my friend that all these political characters seek only one thing- personal fulfillment and they do so by exploiting the situation of the majority of us and that is the part that I hate most.

I said another thing is that I have been able to check their track records and analyzed their records both old and new- and they all sum up to the same thing-the louder the noise, the greater the chances of getting one’s share of the elephant meat. But this should be achieved in the name of the people-even if it means issuing threats that could scare away potential investors, bring about the imposition of sanction and retard the growth and development of not only the village’s infrastructure and economy but also its people.

I told him to check around the village today and see all those currently in our village political theater. I told him, go into their closets and see the gowns that they wore yesterday and see the ones they are wearing today-it has completely changed.

I told him to look on the streets even the young ones being used today-the ones who have abandoned their education, they also have their own agendas-which are the desire to have part of the cake too, whether the others get it or not, it is not their concerns. The bottom line is they are all aimed at l exploiting the situations of the masses to work the math anyway.

Father, I also told him this is how it has been and will be until “Thy Kingdom Comes.”  If you look in our village today, most of these political characters from the time they came out of the walls of our Hill of Learning have not been able to achieve anything meaningful in private life. All their wealth have been earned from the village coffers and Father, I owe nobody an apology on this one.

Go ahead and check them up, I told my friend. So for them, the only way to succeed in this village is to be on the village political stage. They know no other means of survival.

So what did they learn at the Hills of Learning then?

Father, if I were to answer that I would say virtually, how to defraud the state and hence, they cannot put that into practice unless they are on the village political scene as one of the characters.

That is why, those of them who begin with very good careers, after they have messed up, they have no other alternative but to venture into the political theater, where the only effort to get what you want is to exploit the situation of the majority whom you careless about anyway.

And like the Hollywood star Cuba Gooding Jr. puts it in Fighting Temptation: “If making money is our goal, then it is the poor that we should exploit.” 

You see Father; this is why the strangers continue to control our village economy, because all we have here are people who have messed up and think the only way to make it is through the political theater.

Check them up, look on our village streets today with their dusty up handgrips, the ones who were key character s in our theater yesterday, the fact that they have no roles to play today, life has become meaningless.

The point is they are too used to free things; they make no plan for life after the village political stage. Not one of them can point to any business success, if any check the source and ownership-they might just as well be fronting.

So my son where do they all learn this kind of deceptive characters from?

From the village Hill of Learning, where else?

As I speak to you, even those young ones that are there begging all the big, big institutions in this village in the name of a scholarship fund drive to pay fees for needy students, check the backgrounds of those receiving the scholarships-It is their friends whose parents have the ability to pay, why the needy ones struggle.

So, the stealing begins right from the Hill of Learning itself.

Father, I told my friend, he didn’t have to believe everything I told him, he should find out for himself. These students who control the various scholarship funds do not account for it, but every year they launch fund drives.

That is why they even fight sweat and blood among themselves over leadership role. As a result just how you have fly by night political titles in the national village, is the same way many of them are now setting up various students scholarship funds-Its all for the dollar lol.

Even the Town Crier people, I understand their king makers are scheming to retain the status quo by deferring their elections, all because of personal interests and gains.

So, I threw the question back to my friend, why should I kill myself for another man’s personal interest and benefits?

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