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Lord, its glaring

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Dear Father;

Come to think of it, they have gone too far. This is a total disregard of our village Oracle. And those who jumping ships now, declining their roles on the Footballer’s Camp team-its late to be hailed as heroes and heroines.

Yes, it’s too late. It’s a double face game, your rejection should have been made known on the day you were placed there. You cannot come after days of confusion and waved your hands to say you are clean-no, you are not.

Hmmm, which one my son talking here so? You ready for trouble again ehn?
Father, truth be told in politics, there is no depoliticized zone. In short there are no fences to sit on, you are either in or out. You can’t say you are out but you will still play a supporting role. There is nothing in our Oracle that says a village servant should play supporting role to a camp during voting. It says you should not get involve-period!

Um, now I know where you are going with this thing my son.
Oh, really Father?

Yes, my son, at first I was a bit confused.
Yes, rite. Yea mehn, it sometimes get under my skin when people want to use a none-essential situation to claim purity, when in fact they will failed miserably where it is actually important to see them acting.

You know, everybody in this village knows that our village elders, Paramount chiefs and Traditional Chiefs at the Traditional Council don’t care for fewhn when it comes to being an example of our village Oracle that every citizen be it big or small supposed to abide by. No, they don’t. Which is why the very code of conduct that supposed to regulate our village servants and bring about fair play in our village voting process is being abused so glaringly.

Not under this Footballer alone though, it happens even under our most celebrated Old Lady, in every aspect of it. Now it has even gotten worst-Conguo man would say “worser”.

Father it’s like an upright total disregard of our village Oracle. The Footballer who swore to protect it is stumbling on it left and right what you think his kitchen cabinet staffers will do-follow there master even at the extreme-and they do it publicly with no fear or favor and who dare question their actions.

Ehn, talking about on one dare questioning them, they say what that other little boy from your village city fiefdom did the other day?

Oh, Father, the young man woke up one morning and told the people on our Bluffing Road that nobody should part their conveyer there anymore. The man says is an order and anybody who dares question him will face his wrath.

Tell me something my son!
Oh, Father, even if the intention was good, there was no prior warning and who dare not obey?
Then your village is more than sojar man’s camp now oo.

Father, da the one you talking slow so. They say the Village City Fiefdom head give order who dare to disobey, unless you want to rascals following him all around the Fiefdom to come and destroy your property and nothing will come from out of it.
Hmmm, na why oo.

Yes, Father, na really why oo and we inside. We are all inside it and staying in it as well. Let the children in the market will sing: “yor lee us oo, da “O…” we want.”

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