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Lord, it’s Over

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Dear Father,

So this whole voting business that how it get tension? Aha, you haven’t seen anything yet. No wonder elections are held over a period of time because the past few weeks were na easy. Some people who had never experienced what they call pressure had some little taste of it. But all the noise and tension, the village people say they blame the town criers for fueling the tension in the one month intensive campaign.

Father, that one, that na true sef. How can they blame the town criers when the very politicians were making their own war threats. You know this thing here everybody is now looking for scapegoats people to put their blames on.

The politicians who out of greed and desperations for power were using fear tactics to intimidate the people and clinch to power, nobody blame them for the tension they created, but poor town criers who tried to inform the people and tell them what these greedy gravy seeking politicians were saying and how their comments were undermining the village peace, that they taking the shots now.

You know that’s how life goes sometimes, people will always look for people to shift blames and forget that everybody had a role to play in this thing. But Father, at least one thing I know is that it’s all over now. Yes, oo, my son this one voting business finish now, at least people are coming to go back to their normal lives.

You mean the hustling politicians too coming to go back to their normal lives? Yes, my son, all of them especially those of them who did not make it. I heard that some of the ones from Uncle Sam’s village will now have to find new toilet cleaning and dishes washing jobs because people have taken their places.

Yes, oo, my son. I understand there was one other Old Lady who they say was cleaning toilets and packing cartoons made lots of noise here thinking that the most noise she made she would be rewarded and save from going back to wash dishes.

But what was the number of votes she got sef? Father, I understand she got 0000.1% and they say she was crying that they stole her votes, let her go and sleep ya, if that the Soja man or the Bassa Chief was saying that one, but one insignificant Old Lady who is looking for notice, let her go back to wash her dishes and free people ears mehn.

You know, Father, this is the only village where anybody can come to become anything, whether you are from the ghetto or anywhere once you are from the village democracy will work for you.

Anyway on a more serious note, it appears that the Old Lady, I mean the original Old Lady “Iron Lady” is going to get another six years term oo, but ay, she really need to   ring the village back together for the sake of peace oo.

She needs to swallow the bitter pills to reach out to those who have vowed that we will not live in peace and make them to see reasons to get out of their wishful thinking for our village to move forward. It is not about whether she needs them or not, but we need to move forward as a village and live in peace.

The old people say the tongue and teeth can make palaver but they still live and work together to feed the entire body.

Ehn they say the Old Lady is willing and ready to include everybody in her village leadership?  Well then that is a good idea and I think it will help heal some of the divisive wounds. Maybe some of the people who have lost their toilet cleaning and dishes washing jobs can get something to do so that they can’t feel that all is lost.

Me, Father, the only people I am feeling for are those who are already used to free money and have lost their seats at the Traditional Council. Like my man who says “, Assets, I’m own nothing, I’m own nothing,” I know my man will get something to do.

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