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Lord, It’s Time For Pastors & Zoes To Chop Too!

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Dear Father,

Huh, Father, they say it na easy.  I heard some members of the Old Lady kitchen lieutenants are in worry. I understand some of them have started attending all the fast and prayer meetings in town. I also heard that all the little “lapper” caves are not being left unvisited too.

Ah, are they new converts or what? Who know to them Father? But they say some of the conned men them are very desperate, especially the ones who already have some corruption dirt on their skins.

My friend told me the other day that some of the guys are willing and ready to spend anything to these people just to do something for them to maintain their jobs.

But then the Pastors and Zoes are really chopping oo. Just the other day the politicians were all over the place, some became regular church goers, while others went to their village every weekend just to ensure that the pastors and Zoes were working on their cases.

They should be careful oo, because that the same thing some of the politicians did and the pastors and Zoes chopped their money free. They should go and asked the “Messiah” what he didn’t do for the pastors around here, to the point that even one of my own sisters was misled into believing that the man was really sent from the Old Man to come and straighten our village. Anyway, she later confessed and she had since been forgiven.

But wait oo, Father that the only works these people know, can’t they give chance to the other people to come and chop small too? Some of them chopped for the entire six years. At least those of them who complained a lot that they were sacrificing, ended their sacrifices long time, but they are still around here hustling though.

The last time I heard one of my friends who is also part of the Old Lady’s kitchen crew conjugating the verb to eat was instead of saying I eat, you eat, he/she, it eats; I only heard the man saying “I eat, eat and eat.”

No wonder, they are trooping to all the prayer services and “lapper caves” for some kind of help. And the pastors and Zoes, I understand are not playing with them too. I hear one oldma can charge Uncle Sam’s money 200 just to see her before she start talking with you.

Tell me something! Oh, you think some of these so-called prayer mothers and fathers are joking here? The people know that after praying for you, when your enjoyment stars, you will not come back so they will make sure they eat their own from you.

Father, what is actually responsible for this desperation now?  Huh, you know what it means to keep your generator on for twelve hours and your car just flying the street without you dipping your hands in your pocket to pay?

Now imagine what it will mean if they were to start dipping their hands in their pockets and buying petro for the vehicle first before I say for the generator at the house.

Mm, I see why the people from the other side are doing everything possible to make sure they get there too because when they imagine how their colleagues generators have been staying on for more than twelve hours while theirs stay on for 3-hours like me and that is only on weekends then you can understand why they are fighting for.

But wait o Father, let talk so and talk so, that job these other people want and they can come straight and they are beating about the bush here making all kinds of threats?

The people are really acting like our blue uniform brother who will put all kinds of voltage in the drivers just to submit them into paying them some, but they never come clean with it.

You see, that is why I like the old Soja man, he puts his own clear. He tells you what he wants; he does not go around making unnecessary noise.

The man is like the gendarmes, for those who have travelled around our sub-regions know that when a gendarme stops you, he tells you the amount he wants. You can go up and come down, he doesn’t care he wants what he says he wants; If a gendarme says “mille franc” that “mille franc”.

But if it is our blue uniform brother they will waste your time for the longest before breaking their own necks. It is the same thing our brothers from the other camp are doing. They know that jobs they want but they are trying to say so through intimidations.

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