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Lord, Just Listen To These Chiefs

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Dear Father,

Oh what a wonderful village we live in. Isn’t it very funny that those who criticize the same things yesterday are the ones now defending it all over the place?  I mean people who used to open their wide mouths jumping from one town crier house to another telling people how our leaders in this village did not have we peasants at heart.

Can you imagine they are the ones today standing on top of the village hills defending the drum they have allocated to themselves at the Traditional Council all in the name of benefits? What dishonesty at the highest level and a betrayal of public trust?

Father, it is a shameful thing to say the least. You want to tell me these guys are not ashamed of their actions and they are jumping from one corner to another justifying that they have right to such huge benefits aside their regular monthly buckets they take home? So, what is this thing about making lousy noise around here pretending to be championing the cause of some desperate unemployed youths, who have no skills and education?

Is it that they just ride on their ignorance to get to village power and thereafter tell them they deserve to have more, while their parents and family members struggle to have just a little added on their pay.

Anyway, they have to be told stories that there are so many ghost names on the list and therefore they will have to wait until those things are clean up. They speak as if it is the poor people who usually prepare those payrolls when in fact they are the same people.

And you know Father; they never hesitate to increase their benefits and amassed wealth for the next six years or so.

Ooo, my son. Don’t you know in this part of your world people come to village power just to get rich. It is a place to make money and it has become a ground for hustlers. So some come from these single rooms, not knowing how much it cost to rent a decent apartment to hustle and also experience life.

Still Father, there is no justification for those giant size benefits they carved for themselves especially in a village considered to be the third poorest in our world, while just right next door  our children sit on blocks to learn.

Father, they claimed they are hard workers.
My son, did you just say hard workers?
Yes, Father, hard workers.
Hard work, by making noise and later reaching a compromise on the other side?
Well, Father, who am I to judge? Didn’t you say judge not and ye be not judge?
Anyway so what are these other people saying? Which people my son?

Is it not these people who were parading with one toy police the other day after one of their men beat him up. Thanks to the Blue Uniform guys who arrived on the scene to save him (toy police) or else by tis time it would have been another story.

By the way they were around our offices the other day begging the man to beg us to retract the story. And you know what Father, they went to other town criers who collected little of Uncle Sam’s 10.00 to air such rubbish denial.

But my son, which integrity those other ones get? You get Uncle Sam 5.00 self they will still not find out the truth and air rubbish.

Mm, anyway, the thing I don’t understand is how come they were parading around with the man from one town crier house to another?

Son, didn’t you hear that the Old Lady had warned their boss-man about his face coming into the town criers all of the time. Don’t you know that it is not good?

But Father is there not another way to handle it instead of denial and making oneself look stupid? Well, that’s our village for you where integrity is zero.

Father, anything somebody use the phrase “trust me” just make sure you are out of there very fast.

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