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Lord, Let he that has no sin, cast the first stone

Dear Father:

It is often said that until a thief is caught, he or she is not a thief. But that is just being hypocritical you know, because it’s just a matter of time before yours come out in the public.

The truth is a thief in secret is a thief in public. A rogue is a rogue simply put. It doesn’t matter where the theft took place; it is only to confuse people. When a big man or woman steals our village money, they say he or she embezzles. But when small man or woman jerks people’s money or purse, they say he or she is a thief or rogue.

But the truth is both the big man and the small boy are thieves it doesn’t matter where the act took place. A thief is a thief-period!

Hmm, my son, where are you going with this?

Father, I am driving right at this sex video that is now the talk of our village-the way the village people have come to condemn the poor lady and the guy in that video has left me wondering about the kind of dishonesty being publicly display in our village today.

I bet any one of them right now, especially those parading with the video and the names of the individuals in that tape to point their fingers up and tell me if they are clean from such sexual acts. And don’t tell me because yours have not come to light so you are any different-remember a thief in secret is the same as a thief in public.

Yes, I totally agree Father that such act which was done in private should not be displayed so glaringly in the public. But the way people are speaking about the act itself as if they are clean is being hypocritical-some of them behave like animals behind those closed doors.

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And this brings me to a point Father. I am going to for once put on my journalistic cap, and my point is holding all factors constant disregarding their marital status. What is so nasty about the scene in that video? Most of the people walking like blind men and women because of their failed resistance to take their eyes off the video, is that not the same thing they do behind those shut doors?

No, don’t give me that yes, but look. Not at all because what you want to tell me is that your nastiness has not surface in public. But is it not the same act?

Now, don’t tell me about morality issue. And like I said morality aside, many of the people condemning the act are themselves very grossly involve in similar behaviors.

Now, you want to talk about morality from a biblical point of view, and then I will tell you that the act itself is very wrong and it doesn’t matter where and with whom you perform it period-it’s a complete filthiness, so don’t be shouting and condemning at the same time. So, let’s stop there for a second.

Here again, I am not glorifying the fact that the two involved are married people. I have heard some saying what the hell did she allow him to record the act?

Stupid! I would say. Whether it is recorded or not it is just morally and legally wrong to have sex with a married person who is not your spouse. So the fact that their own has come in the public doesn’t vindicate yours that is done in secret.

And Father remembered what I said about how some of them behave like animals behind closed doors? Yes, some of them engage in orgy-one man or woman having sexual intercourse spontaneously with multiple sexual partners. Can that be compare to the act of the two?

Father, let them save their answers, either way they are all wrong. My advice, such a video should rather serve as a caveat to the secret thieves rather than they streaming all over the place and condemning others for something they are equally engage into.

Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites! Hypocrites they all are. Like our Lord, neither do I condemn the two, but to say-Go and sin no more.

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