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Lord, let him be aware of the new relationships

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Dear Father:
You know, a friend once told me sometimes back that she always love to be in a new relationship because for the first few weeks or so of a relationship she gets all the love and affections-I mean the frequent calls to check on her, with all kinds of platitudes, lunch dates, gifts etc.

But as times goes by and as the relationship aged from weeks to months, then true characters begin to reveal themselves as disappointments set in and this is what she just can’t stand. And therefore, for her new relationships keep her happy.

What are you trying to get at my son?
Father, you see our people say success has many families and failure is an orphan. From the day our village Voting House announced the Footballer as the winner of our recent voting, too many people have started a courtship with him.

Suddenly, there are so many experts on the horizon, with all the magic solutions-some in good fate and others as a way of hustling for the almighty “JOB”.

How do you know my son?
Father, trust me at least I was here for the making of the Old Lady and I know how some people who dismally performed or later became her harden enemies got their jobs. And so they had all these magic solutions to our village problems in black and white. But most lack the moral rectitude to put such blue prints into practicality.

The next slogans we heard were “we left our good, good jobs” in Uncle Sam’s Village to come and make sacrifices-where? Just the same old Liberian attitudes, plenty of big mouths with nothing in handy.

When the Old Lady finally got fed up with them and fired them, one had thought that they would have run back to their big, big jobs after their flops. But where are they today many have been named in various scandals and corruption while others left disgracefully.

Yes, Father, but they were those with the magic solutions on papers. Don’t’ get me wrong Father; I am not saying it is wrong to provide one’s expert opinion or a way forward on the state of our village. As a matter of fact we need all hands on deck but not the evil hands.

Trust me Father, for the coming there, they will come. The languages of many have changed and so they will come to the Footballer’s rising. Yes, indeed, they will come, both crooks and good fellows all will jump on the boat.

But like the soothsayer told Caesar, beware of the ides of March, so I say to the Footballer beware. It is important that our new crown hero, the Footballer beware of those coming in with all manner of platitudes.

A friend once told me enjoy the moment while it last, but what happens when the birds stop singing and trees stop clapping and you are left alone, what do you do?

Another friend told me the other day that there are many who are parking to relocate from Uncle Sam’s Village because they feel their time has come. And so they have started announcing themselves by first sending all kinds of salutations and favorite words that could not have been said earlier.

I mean Father; this guy was condemned by most of these people. In fact many have labeled him as IMeR- Ineligible Mentally Retarded. Yes, Father, but today the choruses have changed. Some will be very sycophantic-beware!

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