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Lord, Let The Battle Begins!

Dear Father,

They say the breeze that can disgrace the chicken can always come from the back. The Old people also say that a drowning man can even hold on to a knife. He that has ears let him hear! What all these big parables for again or who has step on your corn?

Father, who able to step on my corn sef? I determine who to allow on my corn, the son of a bitch that will cut me into size in this country has not been born beside the law. So those who parading around here telling people that they will cut me into size and frustrate my career are just wasting their time. The old man Musa sef na even born yet, maybe that gun they will use or that armed robbers they will send to my house.

When they go to beg for their money and favors to the Old Lady they better leave me out of their discussions, because for you to say the only way you can continue your public relations work is only if the Old Lady does not do business with me then you are just a stupid Zoe and your society is doom for a fall.

I did not know this guy was such a stupid old man who sees me as his equal and wants to get even with me at all cost or teach me a lesson Father. But doesn’t he know that he is playing with the wrong person?

No, Father, he thinks I am one of his puppets that when he shouts then they go under cover. In my whole life I have sworn never to be a coward to my fellow man, you can be as tall as Goliath, once you by-pass your respect you shall surely have your disgrace. And Father, I am ready even if it will cost my life to fight this stupid idiotic Zoe.  

People boast that he knows the entire political system and has connections, those are stupid and foolish theories that have retarded many people and keep them in abject poverty and constant abuse-they are afraid of facing their challenges.

I am tired of keeping mute while this dirt keeps going around rally people against me on false premises.

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First he spread rumor like wild fire calling every town crier heads in this town that the Old Lady gave me money to start up the New Dawn, even though one other stupid one joined him in spreading such rumor. He even went to the point of requesting people to demonstrate against this paper’s launch.

The next thing he accused prominent and well respected citizens in this village of being my sponsor. He attempted to disgrace me by lying through his teeth to the Police to take the machine I bought from him, I let go that one because Father I know what you gat install for me.

He didn’t stop there, he went to his relatives telling them how one of his family member teamed-up with me to steal his money to establish this paper, that I allow to pass like wasting water on duck’s back. Because I know those are words of a dying man who is looking for consolation everywhere.

Father, all the way I have tried to ignore this fool, he has not stop at any opportunity he has to converse with people to tell them not to deal with me or say things about me as if he really knows me.  He has not stopped at under-estimating me. And I have said I have declared you enemy for life you and your progressives, just as you have declared the Red-Head man enemy.

I have prayed that he lives a very long life to see what I will become tomorrow. Because this New Dawn he sees today is rising to the top-Amen!  You cannot stop what the Old Man has ordained. This was my dream from 6-years, my aunty just reminded me the other day-and my sister just read that part out from my dairy when I was in junior high. For me this is a mission in fulfillment. For you God, helps you.

Whether you go to the moon or to the sun to ask them not to shine on me, what God has for me shall see my face. I pray, you don’t pray and you want to pick a fight with me-you must be digging your own early grave and misfortunes.

For you, your disgrace is right around the corner. People who fear you are those who you can intimidate and say all kinds of things about but I dare you try me. I will disgrace you and your wicked priestess in this village you will regret the day you came in contact with me like I am doing now. Da machine, as I continue to say, you will pay the prize, I don’t know how but you will pay at all cost!

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