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Lord, let them continue fanning the fire

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Dear Father;

Hmm, you know, the book people can say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let them be there and be fanning the fire since the only way they know how to live is to grab on to power and steal our village money. Ehn our old people can say the monkey that is really to die can’t hear whistle sound-we inside!

Uh, my son what is going on in your village again that get you talking all by yourself. I can hear your voice way up here thinking you were having a conversation with someone not knowing you are all by yourself.

Yes mehn Father, is it not our people in this village? They are so inept that the only thing they think on is how to either grab our village power or how to stay on it and continue stealing our money. Some of them na form all kinds of two by four companies around here parading themselves as Angels of light not knowing they are the main devils in disguise.

Hmm, my son, all this for there one?

But Father what you want me to say? Is it not greed and ineptitude driving them crazy? Some of them are only used to free money. They can’t start anything from scratch and hustle like the way some of us are hustling. They must get it free and it has to come from the village covers. So they must fight and win power at all cost or stay there at all cost.

Ehn, is that so, tell me about it.

Oh, but Father, you having been listing to the way they have been talking all over the village from every side like imbeciles? Yes, like imbeciles! There is not a day you will listen to the Town Criers in this village and not here their threats of war or see them recruiting young boys and girls who supposed to be in school to serve as militants.

You mean at this stage where the global village is fighting one big sickness, they are here fanning war fire?

Ah, Father, that the one we inside so oo. And they think when they start the fire our neighbors will come from their villages to put it off-da one da lie, already to even leave one village to another that big challenge, who will be willing to come put off a fire caused by some people who are so ingrained in their appetite for looting.

God forbid, my son!

Ah Father, what I must say na. The people have no sense of patriotism. It must be for them. If it is not them it should not be anybody else because they in their little minds think it’s time for them to control the village for life.

I see the other people from the other side, but the Footballer’s Camp that supposed to be there to quiet things are the ones who are also adding fuel to the fire.

Father, don’t mind them, they think they are still on the other side. Let them be there, if this village is gutted by fire they will be held liable.

I heard one of them saying the other day that when anything happens, that the ordinary villagers will suffer but their militants will protect them-okay, just be there and think you are more villager than the other.

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