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Lord, Let Them Go, Their Sacrifices have ended

Dear Father,

I say ehn most of the people said da so, so sacrifice they were making? I think the sacrifice is over now. So that means they can go back to Uncle Sam’s village and continue to make all the plenty money they say they were making there before, thati is if they don’t increase the people jobless list there.

At least, we thank the Old Man up there for them for the “plenty sacrifices” they made while serving in the Old Lady’s kitchen.

Hahaha, sacrifice ay. You believe those people my son? But Father, whatin I will say na- every day the people on radio, TV and in the Newspaper them telling the town criers how they left their good, good jobs in Uncle Sam’s village to come and work for our poor village for free. And most time they say they are the only people from this village who learned plenty book and that the village is so poor that it can’t pay them. So what they were doing was just mere sacrifice.

My son, you sure the people actually said that they were sacrificing? Ay, Father, this one I don’t know how to talk it na oo, but it is the truth I am saying. But I thought when somebody is sacrificing and then they come to relief him/her to put somebody else there, the person suppose to be happy because they are now able to go about doing things for money and not free.

Yes, Father, that’s how it suppose to be. Ah ha, but is that how it is in your village my son?

Uh, Father, the one you talking make plenty sense, because when they even talk about suspending some of them self, the way they can be jumping from one town crier house to another, you wonder what is wrong with these people.

And as you said Father, if they were really sacrificing as they have made us to believe over the past five years, they should have been happy for the Old Lady to terminate their sacrifices. But instead most of them went around lobbying to stay. I learned some of them even went to meet the Old Lady in Charlie land on her way back from Uncle Sam’s village.

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So what kind of people likes sacrificing like this? Father, I think you gat to put it in the Old Lady’s heart to give me chance for me to sacrifice too, oo. Because it seems like when people sacrificed for her they don’t want to leave oo.

My son, are you serious?  Huh, Father, this other question here it is hard to answer oo. You know what it means to sacrifice for this village right from the Old Lady’s kitchen? It means free vehicle, gas slips, scratch cards, traveling perdiem, with several other benefits all in the name of sacrificing. No, but if this is the benefit one gets from sacrificing from the Old lady’s kitchen then, I think the whole village should start thinking about enrolling in the Old Lady’s kitchen to do volunteerism there.

But Father, it looks like the Old Lady too get dirt oo. You want to tell me there was no other time that she could tell these people thank you except at the time Jesus Birthday is coming?

I understand most of the people had already made their Jesus Birthday list. Like one of my men I know, they said he had already started counting the number of big, big companies with the expected fees for Jesus birthday.

No wonder the other conman is jumping from one street corner to another because it na easy to be out of job just around the spending season and not when you have made all your necessary calculations.

But Father who says those people don’t have money? Do you know what it means to sacrifice for five years? What about me who was out of job around the same period last year, yet my pekin them still had a very nice Jesus Birthday celebration.

Father, you know I always tell people, if your employer sacks you and you can’t live without salary for three months while looking for something else to do, you are very poor.  But for these people they were sacrificing so they do not fall into this category. Its true Father, let me give them a small financial lesson for free since they are now worry as to how they will survive for the next three months.

If you are employed, 10% of your monthly income is not for you, it is for God, your tithes or for those who do not belong to any religious group to charity. Another 10% goes straight to the bank for saving. Of the remaining 80%, you take out 10% for emergency. If that amount is not expended you put it into an investment. So imagine you are saving 10% on investment every month and at the same time saving another 10% for the future.

Now, if you cannot survive on 70% of your monthly income in a month, forget it 200% of your salary will not help you and that means, you are poor. And if your employer triples your income, once you are not financially discipline, it means you, getting into more troubles.

Yes, Father, because for some people the more money they earn, the more trouble they can get into. That is why you can hear some people saying “I can beat you and pay for you.”

Anyway, Father, on behalf of all the good, good people in this village, we just want to say thank you to all those who’ sacrifices have ended- don’t share no tears you can now go back and earn enough of money in Uncle Sam’s village as you have always said.

That we will miss your sacrifices? No way! We spent too much on your gas slips, scratch cards, servicing the village vehicle that you can carry to your girl friend place and other places free of charge to you and then give you more benefits, that is too much for somebody who says he or she is sacrificing. Go, with your big, big mouth, your sacrifice is finish.

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