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Lord, let them leave the Footballer alone ya

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Dear Father:
I say drama can’t finish ya. So they say one little side squeeze of the Footballer is now running after him for child support? And if I got the story correct did they say the pekin na chopped 10-years? So if the pekin na chopped 10-years then it means the Footballer must have impregnated the thing during the heat of 2005.

What happened in 2005 my son? Huh, Father have you forgotten so soon? Was it not the period the Footballer came with that heavy morale to get president job in our village? But do they know how many collateral damages were cause at the sandy home of the Footballer’s camp?

What do you mean my son? Father, do you know how many mothers with 10-year old pekin them are getting ready to come after many of the people in the Footballer’s camp? Do you know that all that partisan, partisan things they were doing in that camp, lots of babies were being produced from that place?

Ok, the man did not chop president in 2005, neither did he chop vice in 2011, that the small chieftaincy job the man got in 2014 business na, the man must come send pekin support? So my son, what was she doing all those years we did not hear one noise about the pekin support palaver?

Father, the girl was waiting for better days. Since our man did not chop president in 2005 and vice president in 2011, the girl was very patience. She could understand that the Footballer had gone broke and since she had that love for him she was willing to sacrifice, like most of the girls in our village. Da true love na.

Now that the man has found small thing to do, the young lady thinks it’s time that he shoulders his pekin responsibility that’s all- plain and simple. Father do you know how many girls in our village doing better days and sell-pay? -Plenty of them. But as soon as they get small thing doing then, the girl is no more their types. But they forget that it was the girl who had been doing sell-pay and better days for him, while others counted him as noting.

Interestingly Father, the Footballer’s case appears to be different in the case that when it was all jolly, jolly, the man was a master dribbler. So one could understand that the proper madam was in charge.
However, when push came to shove after our man went totally broke, you know our village girls na, they are good at feeling sorry for men. This is how the man started getting his regular-then president job business came inside and all, with his popularity it was all about eating sweet and forgetting about tooth ache.

But is it the Footballer who is the only culprit in this thing? Father, let them leave the Footballer alone ya. In this village and its neighboring towns don’t they know it’s a very common thing for the man them to abandon their pekins with the women?

But my son the woman cannot bear the burden alone. Yes, Father, I do understand but what about the women them who have been giving birth to pekin them by different men and giving it to their husbands or serious boyfriends as they say just for DNA to show that the child the person has been fathering for years is not theirs. That’s while I have been telling my man them that motherhood is a fact and fatherhood is a belief.

Until, then, the Footballer should be capped up or fully protected in combat gear next time he wants to tip top. Not even next time but when he is tipping toes, because he likes this flesh to flesh too much. And that’s the one is causing all this problem for him.


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