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Lord, Let Them Talk, They Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – 2.

It looks like I have to declare my owner intention too oo, at least even if you don’t want to be my running mate sef, just your approval can do.

Dear Father,

So they say the Old Lady na waste it again ehn? They say she has given our village people some food for taught. Yes, oo. They say it was not easy the other day at the Traditional Council. You mean the famous House of Chiefs? Yes, oo Father. 

So, tell me, they say what actually happened there? Huh, Father, they say the Old Lady finally let the cat out of the bag, for true, yes, oo. They say the Old Lady says she will run this coming 2011 voting time, so all the people who have been bouncing up thinking that she will not run again so that they can scramble for power are in worry.

Tell me something! Did she really say that at the Traditional Council? Yes, oo. The Old Lady says not only will she run but she will be a powerful force to reckon with. Then the Old Lady really chakala it down there oo. Yes, oo Father.

I say, they say the Old Lady turned the whole Traditional Council outside down like the voting people have just announced her winner for 2011. You’re joking. I am telling you something serious, you say what.

I say some people will really get breaking heart for true ya that is if some of them are not in the Hospital right now as we speak. I say that Old Lady that corn. You want to tell me she had no other place to announce that thing accept at the Traditional Council? Yor wait ya, the Old Lady saw the opportunity she had to capture it.

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So, Father, tell me something, so what happened to the Reconcilers’ recommendation, ehn they say the Old Lady and some other  people should not take part in any of our village election for 30-years? Father, the Old Lady says da one is way over our village oracle and there is no way she is going to step aside.

But I heard, they say soon after the Old Lady announced that she was running for 2011, our man Vayhoo, who also suppose to be affected by this 30-year ban, called some town criers together to declare his intention for 2011 too. Whoa, can you imagine this father, I mean the Old Lady, Vayhoo all sanctioned by the Village reconcilers defying them on the same day? It looks like it was really na easy at the Traditional Council for true oo.

It looks like I have to declare my owner intention too oo, at least even if you don’t want to be my running mate sef, just your approval can do.

But Father, the people sef na tried. What do you mean? Ehn the people say they were very selective in their recommendations. I heard they left out certain so-called group of people called the forward movement, I don’t know where they are going but it seems like instead of moving forward they continue to retrogress. So they taught by sanctioning the Old Lady and other people it would have cleared the way for these people, hahaha, they juke the rusty nail.

Let me tell you something, asked this so-called Forward Movement group, whether they like each other in the first place. You see why none of them have never become His Excellency in this village except a temporary one is because everyone of them want to be Your Excellency at the same time and things don’t work like that.

These people don’t like change. They think their approach to politics some years back is relevant today, but Father that politics of back biting and undermining is over. Father asked them, how many of them have ever been successful. Successful not in the form of wealth, but to train somebody to replace you after you have gone.

All they do is to suppress you. You must always serve them; they feel that by empowering you, you will know their little secrets. Trust me Father, I just ended my relationship with one, I know these people. They have the attitude of crabs and that’s how they treat people who are with them, I mean the so-called forward movement group. They are the problems in this village, I lie to you not.

So, you mean those reconcilers actually left some of them out and listed others to pave the way for them? Yes. But no wonder everybody is condemning them. But how they will not condemn them when all they did was to fight for man and woman, no wonder they all did not approve that report.

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