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Lord, Let’s Talk So & Talk So

Dear Father:

You know, there is this thing I learned from my mother when I was growing up, and it has helped  me in a way to understand some of life’s principles.

My mother always used to say “if you want to know how people feel and think about you, just  cause trouble.”

Your mother really used to say that my son?

Yes, Father. And you would only hear her saying this when there is a problem among her circle of friends and the one who has found herself in trouble has come to explain to her what some of her very “trusted friends” has being saying about her concerning that which she had been accused of.

That’s so true my son.

Yes, Father, that so true.

But what has brought this thought about your mother sayings to your mind, son?

Father, it’s the Big Man for the Soja people, you know.

What happened to him?

Oh, you haven’t heard these few days how that drowning girl from the Air Plan yard, who they say stole some huge sum of our village money along with her boyfriend had tried to destroy him. Not only that but she is trying to divert the village’s attention from what they say she did.

But my son, let’s talk so and talk so. If they say she stole your village money what this has to do with she destroying somebody?

Father, it is because she has put the thing she and the man was talking behind closed doors outside and what is so bad about it is that the man talked lots of bad things about some of his friends in the village.

You joking my son!

Father, I am serious. You know, the bad side is that the entire village is just talking about the Big Man for the Soja people. And you know, people have their own ways of spreading things in our village ehn. Especially among the Town Criers and those in taxis.

Some of the things they are now discussing about the man, he’s just getting to know them for himself. This is why I say, my mother’s saying taught me some of life’s lessons.

But again, you are right Father, let’s talk so and talk so. After all of this noise about what the man said on tape oh, what he did not say on tape oh, the woman still needs to answer questions about that plenty money.

Yes, my son, all the noise do not still take away the fact that she should be held to account for the village money.

We have enjoyed the drama, for the whole week now. I know it is something that will take long to be forgotten-at least by the Big Man for the Soja people, but after all this entertainment, Father, it is important for she and her boyfriend to come down and answer some questions about the village money. Maybe she will help us all better understand who all involve since she like recording people.

But the fact remains that they say she stole a huge sum of our village money and the only way is to come and safe her face. The recording will not help, it will only entertain us for some time.

The thing is Father, they come to this village with all this big mouth as to how they have come to sacrifice only to know that they have come to hustle to pay for mortgages in Uncle Sam’s village and elsewhere.

But is it true that the man was the one who brought the girl to the village?

Father, right now, I am not looking at who brought who. What I am looking at is what they say she has done-simple!

If she likes, it should be the Old Lady who held her hands and brought her here to work, but as long as it involve our village money, she will have to answer. If she likes, she can delay by entertaining our village with more secret recording but the fact remains that she will still have to answer some questions.

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