Lord, let’s talk so and talk so

Dear Father
Uh, let’s talk so and talk so ooh. The people can say be careful what you wish for somebody because it might just come back haunting you like cut neck chicken.
What do you mean my son?

Ah, but Father ehn few years ago some people were jumping from one radio station to another saying they were going to give one poor Old Lady a bitter village? Remember they used to be on one Radio station- they say Kingdom FM and say all kinds of things about how the Old Lady had sent people to kill them and people must come on the village street to show people power.
Oh, da true my son?

But Fatheryou too ya, you quick to forget oo. Anyway it was just yesterday, when everything da JatoPekin said was law and gospel. Ehn at da time they were sleeping together in one bed? Aha. Our old people can say the same rope da can catch monkey it can catch baboon too.
You see, I like the thing the Pastor from Charlie Land has been saying. He says “if I come to power and all you do is to seek my downfall, when you come I will do the same thing for you to not achieve anything” and that is so true.
Hmmm, my son tell me about it dear.

Yes, Father, you see when this young man was cussing this poor Old Lady around here they were running up and down like the other people today listening to him and hailing him as a hero.
The poor Old Lady though it used to really get under her skin and sometimes cried in her little corner, but she tried not to create any public scene as we have been seeing in our village of late or to send people in the night to steel radio station wire. Yes on one or two occasions she used the same tax thing but it was done through the Palaver hut, whether da good way or bad way it was quietly done and there was no plenty noise.

But today, da fire for fire. The same people who were all around beating their chests are the ones now hunting him down. So you see why the song writer said “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stone and if you can’t stand blow don’t throw blow.” And our actions and words are like seeds we sowed that might grow.Okay, the man da was hero during the Old Lady time, today he is a very wicked person who wants to burn down our village.

So Father, they want to tell us that when they were training this man, when he was cussing bad, bad ma cuss around here, didn’t they one day think that he would one day turn on them?
You see where am coming from now Father. The thing you will not take from somebody, don’t do it to another person- you see everything we do da seed we can be sowing so. Now the pekinna grow big in their hands and out of control, they are running around like “cut de hay chicken”.
Funny enough Father, they went ahead and form their own town crier to be cussing other people too forgetting to know that it is just wrong to follow the way of your enemy. Now you see everybody saying the other people are doing the same thing too so what’s the problem.

But again they will not learn Father. When you roast a fish, you smell like roasted fish. They roasted their own fish and they should blow their own smoke in their eyes not in other people’s eyes. You help to make the man what he is today, and those who you were pushing him against are no longer there, where you think he will turn next?

You know, it reminds me of Uncle Sam’s children who can take these big, big snake the book people called anaconda and keep it in their houses calling thempets. When the pet has over grown, you think where it will turn first? The snake will first start from the house swallowing them before turning on the neighbors especially when it’s too big now to be fed with chicken. It will clear the dogs first and then turn on the children and before you know it the parents are in danger as well.

Father, me the lesson from this thing is that when you fight your friend and you wish them a bitter village beware that you will also one day end up having a bitterer village than you had wish.

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