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Lord, Listen To A Failed Town Crier’s Cry

Dear Father,

I remembered my days in Charlie land; we had a phrase in welcoming strangers to the city, most especially strangers from this village when they were visiting there. The phrase was “Welcome to Accra, where people cry their own cries.”

Father, what this means is that here, you don’t come depending on your friends to work out things for you, you work it out yourself.

So instead of saying since I came here nobody wants to help me, I am catching hard time.  At least you can catch him (hard time), so go ahead and deal with him, don’t blame others for neglecting you or crying saying, “why are they the only people getting all the helps while you are not getting any. That is a lazy man’s cry.

Why are you saying all these, my son? Father, you know, I was sitting somewhere minding my own business the other day when I heard how some town criers had gone to the Old Lady to beg for help and question why she was giving all the help to your humble servant.

The chechepuley told me that the Old Lady just sat there perplex, because the person they were talking about is somebody who has been so hard on her, and she couldn’t even imagine how come people would think that way.

So when this town crier told your humble servant, I almost laugh my guts out and thereafter pulled out a piece of paper and show it to the town crier, then the town crier said look, I am now going to be your defense because what I have seen proves that people are just saying things about you that they have no idea about just lies, the town crier added.

Father, it is very sad that other people refused to work on their own weaknesses but would choose to blame other people for their failures.

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And some of these town criers that were fuming on the other side of their mouths have continued to prove over and over again that they cannot be trusted even in their own little things and believe that other people are only succeeding in life because of the help they are getting from the power that be.

It’s like Joe in the good old book and the Devil. It is written that when all the children of God had gathered together, the Devil also went there to present himself. When he was asked what he was doing there, the first thing he did was to file a complaint. Let me paraphrase: “It is Joe, because you have favor him so much that is why he loves you but if you remove everything from him, you will never find him faithful.”

The long and short of the story is that Father, God did exactly what the Devil asked him to do, Joe was still faithful.

For some of these so-called town criers around here, they want to blame the success of everybody on somebody’s support and that the only reasons why their institutions have not grown is because of the lack of such supports.

The good old book says when you are faithful in another man’s matter; he will bless you with your own. But Father most of these town criers pushing pens around here have never been faithful first to themselves, least I mention in other men’s matter.

All they do is to blackmail others and get away with the cash. Never have any good business plan. Whenever people give them money the first thing is to buy a vehicle that they can’t maintain, the cash runs out, they either sell the vehicle and starts the hustle again.

A man who lives like a parasite will never have enough. So they envy every successful person and accuse other people of being the brain behind their success story.

But let assume for a second there that the Old Lady had help your humble servant to set up, it takes the management skills of your humble servant to stay in business. Your humble servant must first have a moral rectitude that can make people to have confidence in him and judge him credible.

But most of these town criers winding all over the place have proven over and again that the only talent they bring to this noble profession is to blackmail and extort money from people and they think that can prosper them.

A thief always believe that there will be another opportunity to steal so why manage what is on hand. Father I think instead of these paupers going around speaking like the Devil they should rather come and ask what’s the secret. But since they don’t care to ask and for the benefit of the doubt it takes self discipline, honesty to oneself and a proven record of being trusted.

To be continued.

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