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Lord, May They Not Live!!!

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Dear Father,

It looks like some of the trouble makers in this village are not yet tire ehnn? They think the way they na like peace da how everybody looking in this village? They want to tell us that the only way they can rule us in this village is to always cause troubles? But Father, anyone who want to cause any trouble in this village, may they not live to see such evil enterprise coming to fruition-Amen!

My son, who are those you’re talking about again? Oh, Father, haven’t you heard how some people who called themselves learned people have been convening meetings from one hotel to another thinking how they can disrupt this whole peace we are enjoying here right now?

Tell me something! Oh Father, the people say they want to get on the street to demonstrate just as they did in 1979, to tell the people not to vote on this new thing about whether to change or not to change some portions of our village oracle.

Wait now, that to change or not to change business they want to get on the street for? Father, can you imagine this? If you don’t want the thing change just go out there and say no instead of you telling people you want to go on the street to demonstrate.

Father, I think these people get different agenda oo. Because while would people be holding secret meetings from one hotel to another just to demonstrate and the meetings are often held in the night time too.

So, what these people really want my son? Father, these people want nothing else but state power.

I see why they criticize everything and so corrupt in what they know. Yes o, my son. Father are these not the same people the Good Old book referred to as brut men-Why others are asleep, they roam at night from hotel to hotels seeking means to disturb the peace of others. They see nothing good happening in this village.

All they desire is evil for their brethren. They criticize what they don’t know and what they know they corrupt because they are afraid that the truth will expose them. But Father, their days are numbered.

No wonder they have fought for so long and they can’t get one kitchen post. The good old book says it is because of their greed and selfish desire that they fight. And so they ask and they don’t have it because they do not seek it through the right channels. No wonder none of them will ever ascend to power in this village because their style of politicking is no longer relevant to our village. They have continued to live in the past.

But Father, just as they enter into these hotels to plan evil against this village or discuss issues that will set this village backwards, so shall their lives be beset with troubles. Peace shall they no longer know and their lives shall be miserable from their first generation down to their fifth generations shall know no peace.

But my son, why are you so hash on these people, it look like you really despise them oo. Father not that I despised them but I just hate their kind of politicking. They are blinded by their greed for state power, and are willing and ready to scheme all over the place just to grab it. They have no honesty and have lost their honor among men.

Father, most of these people roaming from one hotel to the other don’t have any valuable property here to show or any investment. So, what do they care if they destroy the little gains this village has made over the past few years?

You talking about gains, the people want power; they get time for your gains?

Look, I know these people my son. All what they are doing instead of focusing on their campaigns and how to win this voting thing through proper campaigning, they are trying to sow a seed of discord, something that will lead to a squatting government again. All they are doing is to delay this voting thing so we can go for another power sharing government but that is a lie from the pit of hell.

Because what they are looking for is the latest opportunity to steal our village money like the other people they are accusing. Father these people are no saints and are no different. In fact, if there is a difference, then I think the devils are much better than the so-called angels who are planning what to do if they don’t win.

Father, just ask them what do they have here in this village? Nothing! But yet still they go on saying how they care for people here. Some claimed to have hundreds of students on scholarships.  What good is a one semester scholarship when it is only going to leave the person half educated? And you know how dangerous a half educated person is ehn?

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