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Lord, monkey thought he was a man, till a fine shot brought him down

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Dear Father:

Uh, you know, I have often said here and again that I love to watch movies, especially Hollywood Block Busters, the mafia operative ones too. There is this characterization of them (mafias) that is- you never trust them whether dead or alive. They may pretend to be for you, but never trust them; they will dump you at the end. They don’t stay loyal for long.

The truth is they might just turn against you in a split second. In other words, they have no loyalty, it’s all for the cash or better still their means of survival for that brief period. The funny thing is our Paramount Chief at the Traditional Council has not been watching. He has been very busy sneaking his hands in all the cookies jars at the lower end of the Traditional Council.

He was so greedy to the point that he did not know that he would one day put his hands in the wrong jar. That’s bravery my son? What’s bravery Father? He has just been greedy and above all-very arrogant. He thought whatever the consequences were; he would have galvanized the supports of some of the hungry chiefs at the Traditional Council to save his skin-which they did though, but for a while.

But Father I think it was unnecessarily foolish on the part of the Paramount Chief to think that those little handouts he had been distributing for the past few months would have save his head from the gallop.

And you know Father, as a kingpin, I thought he would have known better that those chiefs at the Traditional Council are all mafias. They can never be trusted. They can only do for you a onetime deal, and when you cannot sustain the gain, they shift their loyalties for another onetime shot.

All his friends were asking for is that he just step aside for a little while to show some form of maturity in his leadership. But he did not listen. Now his greed and arrogance is about to cost him his portfolio at this injury time. What do you mean by injury time my son? Father, the cocoa season is right around the corner and if any chief needs to be in that position the more it’s him.

You know all the noise he has been making around here, his strength was in those mafias, instead of put his strength in the oldman up there. Even Jesus, all his disciples who said they were going to be with him to the end, what happened?

Anyway, that’s what greed does to people at times. It makes you so pompous till you forget to think that the people who claimed to be for you may let you down when you need them most.

He should go and consult with the monkey. Monkey thought he was a man till a fine shot brought him down.

If it is one thing I know about the people in this village is their ability to support you to the end. Don’t mind them saying “we are with you” and put your life on the line or you will regret like the Ray Hay man in Uncle Sam’s Cousin Village in a tiny room.

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