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Lord, No Wonder This Country Is So Underdeveloped!

(A Revised)

Dear Father,

I see why this village is so underdeveloped. I mean the hatred, envy and strive is too much that this has become a village of the crabs.  The hatred which is often borne out of perceptions and the hater’s own limitations and ability to be innovative can most often begin from right under your feet.

Trust me Father, like I always say, put a reasonable number of crabs in a bucket and leave it open to allow them to escape, you will soon return to notice that not one of the crabs in the bucket have been able to escape.

The reason is plain and simple, because for every time one tries to come up, the others will pull it down. “Where do you think you are going, we all belong down here, not up. Up is for the other people not people like us,” they would tell the other. And if one tries to insist on moving forward, they pull it down to the bottom and the rest try to suppress it, so that it can never have the opportunity to come up and try escaping to freedom. This is what I called “crabology.” And this is what is actually killing our village.

Nobody wants to see another person in this village making strides in any endeavor ahead. Even in your own institutions where some people always stretched out their hands like cassava leaves, they are the most dangerous crabs.

It is unthinkable in their mind for one man to make the difference.  In fact, it is an affront to them for somebody to come in their company and over the very short period of time make a huge difference, that is considered a taboo here and such person should be brought down, because that just how we are, like crabs. Even in our very institutions, we try to bring our leaders down because we think we made him or her “who does he think he or she is?”

I know, by now you are thinking Father, as to where I am heading again?  You know, it was just couple of months ago, at least a year and eight months since this paper appeared on the local newsstand in faith. It was a decision that was even worrisome to myself as to whether all the big mouth and promises of difference and setting a record of being the fastest growing newspaper in this village would have been achieved.

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And you know how I have been fasting and praying contacting other people to remember us to make this dram a success and true, other family members and friends spend much time in prayers too for us.

And so, our prayers were answered and we move fast to grab every opportunity that came our way to be where we are today. On many occasions, I have denied seeing the negatives even when it stands right before my very eyes and tell my friends “don’t worry; it’s just a matter of time things will be okay.”

But Father, that the crab nature in us must surface, instead of some of our big town criers who have existed here for dozens of years before we started and have abused every opportunity that were even bigger and better than what we have had coming to ask for the secret, try to resort to the usual crab attitude, finding ways to pull us down and tell stories that they themselves after rehearsing time and time again will find out that it just make no sense.

It was one stranger from Charlie Land; he was not just a stranger, but a direct representative of the king of that land to our village who told me few months upon my return here to be careful with “They say”.

He said this is one way your people tell stories in this village that can lead to the demise of the one being spoken of.

Father, one of the most sensible thing one would have expected is an assurance to our colleagues that it is just easy to make the difference when you are determine to and this should have serve as a motivation for many of them to follow the steps that we took instead of employing the crab attitude and spreading mere gossips, saying things they just don’t know-And of course, when people in your own rank and file whom you think should know better join the gossip train and come back smiling at you “with white teeth, a black heart

Father, all these are happening because of the mindset of the people who believe in handouts rather than trying to be innovative and creating one’s own means of wealth generation. Secondly, they forget the difference between blessing and efforts. When you are blessed and favored no one can stop you.

But Father, the “they say” aspect of the crab nature in us don’t bother me that much because if you are not important and if you are not making an impact and threatening the old order, nobody will talk about you.

But what is more troubling is the other side of the crab nature which involves suppression and eliminating the person while trying to ensure that the person does not progress through voodoo. And the most dangerous is that if people standing by you are showing you white teeth but are saying evil about you out there.

Few months after this paper hit the newsstand and after all their predictions had failed and we left trice a week to daily, a strange concoction was seen under my desk by one of my colleagues. Fortunately, little do they know that I bath with the Blood of Jesus every morning before going to work so that one failed.

Quite recently, after we began the advertisement of our printing press, another strange thing happened: An unknown person took fresh chicken eggs to the entrance of our office and burst them there. Only God knows the intent of the person but whatever it is, it is just as they failed to get at me, they have also failed.

This thing is not about voodoo, it is about being inspired by the achievement of a friend to revive that “I can do it too spirit.” Until we learn to start being inspired by the achievement of our compatriots to forge ahead, this village will continue to remain underdeveloped, the crab nature in us will reign supreme.

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