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Lord, Oga don waste it wawa

Dear Father:
Hmm, dis one here water don passed gari ooh. You mean Oga couldn’t get one paper straight to back him small sef? So you want tell me say, all the walka, Ogadeywalkayamfu, yamfu beating his chest da he be native, it be 419 abi?
My son why you dey worry yourself?

Father, dis one na complete embarrassment be dis one oo. But nawhatin get in Jorweah head to put this man to our village voting house sef. Hena know da big problem he want put himself in?
My son, don’t blame Jorweahoo, blame the people who tell him say dis Ogana correct person for the job.

But Father, Jorweah too he na go think say this one da wahala he dey look for. He too he na get idea for himself- naeverything the people tell him, he can do?

The Oga say de time weh him be small pekin da de time weh he feel naturalized. Hmm. But it look like in 1982, the small, small children them were doing big, big things-it na be small oo. Puah, so he want tell us say them was having computer in 1982- let the Oga go and sleep jor.

Father, the thing weh I dey tell you ehn, the Oga get too much dry face. He feel say the Chiefs at the Traditional Council them all be mumu and he feel dribble pass them. Him age, he say da University puttan there for him school record.
But my son what about him age in his passport?

Oh, Father Oga say he don be responsible for themistake the people make with him age in the passport too. He says, as they puttan so he sef, he feel use.

Um, this one him hard to believe oo. But the way things are going ehn Father, me I want believe that one big man feel help Oga to get all him fake papers-my name oo!
It could true oo my son.

Yes Father, because nawhatin would make Oga brave to be moving here and there like one Ekwa, he moh be depending on something.
Ehn, but Father, whatever he was depending on, things na catch him correct, correct now. This one he no feel escape.

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The man is too gready and he can lie too. Da the one me sef I can understand. If you know get something, say I don’t have. But he lie too much.

Now, you tell me Father, like this na who can trust him with our village election? You see why it na good to lie. Because you feel say when you tell one lie, you for continue to tell more lies, to cover the other lies.

See what he na do to himself. Its na all the food dey offer you, you can eat. Some food you have to say no, so that you will not disgrace yourself. You see what Oga don do to himself. He was able to beat the system to get everything, now the system is coming to get everything back from him.

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