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Lord, one chief runaway from lecture, the other flogged by wife in office

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Dear Father:

Hmm, I say fun can’t finish ya. So you want to tell me that all the big, big chiefs from the Traditional Council only needed that little boy to come and lecture them on the Black Gold before they could understand?

Can you imagine this Father; they say the Paramount Chief from the lower end of the Traditional Council even had to run away from the lecture.

But why did he run away from the lecture my son?

Father, I don’t know whether the topic was confusing him or he felt embarrassed that a little boy who has not even reach the outside trap age was the one giving him lecture on something he has been shouting all over the place for.

What do you mean my son?

But Father, is it not the same Black Gold business the people have been touring our village , so even the small boy too had to come and give his owner lecture.

But the boy that who son?

Father, hmm, this one here it is too hard for me oo.

Why do you say so?

Father some people say that the Old Lady grandson, But if you look at the name, the man carriers the name of the Old Lady’s in-law.

So what that one mean now, is it not the same family?

Ah, Father, me, I wanted to be very sure before I put my mouth inside oo, because the place it has reached, cat na put his mouth there. Dog na put his mouth there, even pig and all na put his mouth inside.

So tell me something my son, the way the Paramount Chief from the lower end of the Traditional Council ran away from class na, how will he pass in that other Black Gold test?

Hmmm, that other question there, I think that himself will answer it oo.

So what about the other Paramount Chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council, was he also at the lecture too?

Father, I beg you ya, how the man will be there when his wife beat him up in his own office for girlfriend business, the very day he supposed to be at the lecture.

Tell me something!

Oh Father, you never heard the news how his wife went to his office the other day and gave him some useless punches for one lay girl business. The girl sef has not pass the outside trap yet.

What do you mean about this outside trap thing?

Father, the girl is going to her 18-years which is the outside trap age for minors.

The woman, they say tore up all our man clothe, he had to go home and change. So I think that was the reason why he missed the lectured.

Hmm, my son so you want to tell me your man wife really went to the Traditional Council just to beat him up?

Oh, yes, Father. They say the woman was dressed in short trousers. And you know how she is already thick like Bassa Dumboy, they say the woman even spoiled your man phone and all.

But my son, that the phone business you talking, that one is not anything to the man. I wonder why the woman didn’t beat him at home instead.

No, Father, she wanted the other people in the office to be witnesses to the action. Had it been home, not one person was going to here it and your man was going to be passing around like big boy. So you see since she flogged him, he has been very quiet these few days. My only concern is whether he will keep his pekin John in his trousers, because every little skirt he sees, as his eyes goes , that just how his pekin John can rise.

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