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Lord, only if they knew the power they have!

(Revisited in Observance of International Women’s Day)
Dear Father:

You know the other day; I was in conversation with some unusual visitors in my little office when the topic of Adam’s whereabouts as at the time Eve had the conversation with the Serpent in the biblical Garden of Eden came up in passing.

The truth is Father; the Holy Book tells us that Adam had gone out in certain part of the Garden that afternoon, when Eve had the conversation. So, it means that husband Adam only believe what wife Eve told him.

Anyway, our conversation was actually about the powers of the daughters’ of Eve. And as usual I was satirical about the whole conversation from the start when I said “only Eve knew what the Serpent told her and husband Adam just had to believe what he heard from her.”

All agreed in unison that indeed it was true Eve was the one who spoke to the Serpent, and all she had to do was tell husband Adam.
But then again, I pondered out loudly as to whether Eve actually told husband Adam the full details of her conversation with the Serpent or just the edited version-meaning the one she thinks would have sounded nice in the ears of husband Adam in convincing him to partake in the apple brunch.

My unusual guests all daughters of Eve burst out with laughter and in agreement too. “Yes ooh!” they all exclaimed with laughter.Then Father, it brings to mind what else the Serpent would have told Eve that up to present has been embellished in the DNAs of all of her daughters regardless of race, culture and creed.

Because Father, come to think of it, if a daughter of Eve chooses to concealed a thing, nobody is going to hear a jinx thing about it. She could even be having an affair right under the noise of a son of Adam, and trust me that son of Adam will never notice. But that is not just that it even goes beyond that and drives into several other areas that they have the ability to showcase the prowess they have embellished in their DNAs from their mother Eve-and for me Father that is the power of a woman.

These daughters of Eve are so powerful like their mother and since then all we have to do as sons of Adams is to believe them.For instance, a woman comes out and says I am carrying your child-you as a son of Adam believe that indeed, the unborn kid is yours, even if you are not the owner. You believe the mere fact that she told you that you are the owner, until modern science DNA can prove otherwise.

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But beyond these, Father, these human species are so powerful, and the day they all realize their powers there will be a reverse role between them and the sons of Adam.
For instance, one of the most powerful ways they can control the sons of Adam is through sexual emotions.The daughters of Eve can easily get their acts together when it comes to putting their sexual emotions under control, while taking advantage of the sexual emotions of the sons of Adam, exploit them and get away with what they want in no time.

Oh yes, trust me Father, they are gifted with enticement. They can hypnotize a son of Adam to the point that he can even sign documents and make decisions that no one of his kind can force him to. They have traded giants, and brought down Kings and Kingdoms through their powerful enticing acts.
And you know Father; I have found it very difficult to understand why society classifies the daughters of Eve as the weaker ones. The truth is they are the stronger ones.

For example, a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve both husband and wife will leave home in the morning and go to work at the same time and if possible return home together. Why the son of Adam is relaxing either watching the evening news or a football match, that daughter of Eve is in the kitchen cooking and preparing the family for the next day. But yet society calls them weak.

These are people who can even transition to the next world with your secrets kept in safety. Trust me, Father; had it been Adam, Eve would have easily succeeded in knowing the entire content of his conversation with the Serpent.

But today, the Serpent is moving around freely all because Eve was able to prove that she was reliable in keeping the Serpent’s secrets safe by just narrating the edited version of their conversation to Adam and in no time he (Adam) was in. – Editor’s note: this Letter to God is being republished in observance of international Women’s Day. Kudos to women around the world, you have the power to change our universe.

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