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Lord, our leaders are to be blamed

Dear Father,

You know, no matter what our big, big people will say about this sickness, I blame them 100 percent for allowing this terrible sickness to come in our village here. You know, sometimes I just feel that some of these people don’t get this place at heart.

What do you mean my son?

Father, you see when this sickness started in our neighboring village and there were reports that people were bringing it from that village to our village, we told the people to close our borders with that village and put in some measures, but they resorted to schooling us about diplomacy and economic all for bitter boy and pepper.

The first thing they told us was that we did not know what we were saying because all our pepper and bitter boy  come from that place. Can you imagine Father because of pepper and bitter boy, our big, big people said the border must remain opened?

But they were not sleeping when others did and today not one case has been recorded in those villages.

And the worst part, I believed they told the Old Lady not to listen to us because the implication was alien to us, so nobody should mind us.

Today, look at where we are- even before we could say we were closing our borders, the very people we felt we were helping by allowing their sick people to flock in here and spread the sickness closed their borders.

But it is too late now. Just open the internet everything about this terrible sickness that has no cure is our village, all because one of our brothers took it from here and carried it to another neighboring village. And as if it was not enough, two of Uncle Sam’s children got infected with the sickness, then Uncle Sam Cousin’s son.

But Father, before Uncle Sam’s children could even get it, we told the people, your declare State of Emergency. They said no. They said no, no. In fact you people can just talk anyhow.

So where are we today, is it not border closure and state of emergency?   And can somebody tell me why it was so difficult for the Old Lady’s advisors to understand this simple procedure that would have safe majority of our people today instead of resorting to this at the dying minute?

So, Father, whenever you hear me saying  some of these people do not have this place at heart that exactly what it means.

But my son is that how your people always behave waiting for last minute?

Um, Father you haven’t even seen anything yet. Some of these big people in this village, if that thing is not in their favor they will do all kinds of things to block it. I will definitely not be surprised that somebody somewhere was telling the Old Lady at the time that some people were just blowing this Ebola moral just to eat something.

Again, I will not be surprised that others were comparing the situation to the army worm scenario and were giving all kinds of advices. But here we are today, these are the people I say do not have this village at heart. Some of us may not have their  Phd’s and whatever they claimed to have but we have wisdom and ability to analyze a situation at head, especially as a watchdog for this village

This morning I was reading some comments on our website and this guy from Ogaland was so angry that one of our brothers had transported this sickness to their village. In fact, his wish is that our entire village be wiped off so that the rest of our neighbors can be in peace. He even warned that people from our village must stay of their villages so they can have their peace of mind.

My question is Father, did we need to come to this where people are now looking at us as the bad apple in our sub-region? Why is it that the other people like themselves so much that we don’t? Why we always want to act as if we are the only people who care when others don’t have the slightest time for us? Should it always be we opening our doors and others shutting theirs on us? Even science talks about self preservation, but we don’t care for our people.

How do I know Father, it is the way our big people have handle this Ebola thing and again I owe nobody any apology to blame them for this scale of infection and wide spread.

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