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Lord, our people just love poverty, plain and simple!

Dear Father:
You know, the other day a friend of mine and I were having a conversation about our village and one thing we both undoubtedly agreed upon was- we as a people of this highly forested village are our own problems. We love poverty and under development so much that we have made it a law to be poor forever regardless.

Yes, Father that is the hard truth. The things we do, the kinds of laws we have on our books simply spelled it out that for us in this villagewe love poverty. It doesn’t matter how well we embellished it in our village law books, you don’t need a genius to know that from the day our forefathers came together to form this village, their minds were made up that we their descendants must remain poor as they were.

What do you mean by this my son?
Father do you know that we are the only racist country in the world in this 21st century-only black people can be citizen. And worst of all we are the only country that denies its citizens their citizenships all because they took another village status. But we open our arms to all other foreigners and we even gave them the right to do whatever they want as long as they have black skin.

But besides this one, we say no foreigner can own land in our village, but we want them to lease it. Now, tell me who will want to develop a property that their children will not be the owner long after they transitioned to another world nonsense!

This brings me to the main point. You know, the other day we heard the people who came to do the palm oil farm here have left. They have been having problems with the local people after our government signed agreements with them. In fact, all the farming companies that came here are having similar problems and they are all folding up to leave, all because of the same problems and yet we say we want development and we want companies.

The other day, I was talking to a friend to invest in farming here, he said no. I said why not, he said I don’t want headache. “Yor government will promise land that they will not be able to give and I don’t want problem with my investment like other people.

Father, he is right though. The examples are all before us. As soon as a company knock on our doors especially in the agriculture sector, it’s when some useless so called human rights group will jump up and say land grab. When those little white boys and girls collect their huge sum of money and try to justify it, they come here and get in touch with some hungry brother of ours and they push the investors out.

And the only reason these little white boys and girls and our hungry brothers are able to drive these investors in the agriculture sector away is because of our land ownership system-we say no foreigner must own land, yet we are buying lands and owning properties in foreign countries developing them too. But for ours should remain undeveloped and highly forested.

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Now, next to these little white boys and their surrogates who scare away investors in our agriculture sectors are those so-called politicians who ride on the ignorance of the people to gain popularity for their own political gains-yet, we try to compare ourselves with our neighbors where their agriculture sectors are doing pretty well. But we forget that those people were able to sell lands to foreigners (including our people who barred others here) to develop them.

Funny enough, when these companies fold up, leave these villages and our people are put out of jobs,the so-called anti land grabs group plus our hungry brother here disappeared from the scene and provide no alternative means of livelihood for our people, leaving them with no other option but to flood the offices of relatives and friends in the city daily begging for help.

Father, me I have told relatives and friends in those areas where companies have been forced to fold up because of some stupid propaganda that they should not ask me for a dime. They don’t deserve it period. They should know that the presence of those companies provide the opportunity for a better living condition for them. To be continue.

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