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Lord, Please Expose Them!

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Dear Father,

The Good Old Book can’t lie for true ya. What do you mean my son? It says all evil plans against the children of the Old Man up there will backfire! The Old Man self-know how we have suffered in this village here for the past 14 plus years and the Old Man knows, we are tire and we need peace.

So, what bring up this one again?

Father, haven’t you heard how the people who want to rule us in this village are planning all kinds of evil things to ensure that they actually win this coming voting in our village? The people are going into all kinds of crocrogee arrangements to make sure that they become leaders in this country by all means.

But my son what is wrong with somebody doing everything possible to win the voting in this village?

Father, that plenty thing in this village oo. Do you know that some people are going beyond just making some arrangements from help to war talk and all?

Tell me something, my son! Yes, o, Father. Some of our big people in this village just think that they must be president by all means in this coming voting and if they don’t win, they will cause trouble to ensure that the people put them in the chair by force. I don’t know who told them that by force thing we doing here.

But Father, one thing I know is that their evil plans will not work. The Good Old Book says they shall not live to accomplish their evil enterprises. As they are planning how to cause trouble that’s just how their lives will be troubled. Peace, they will never know. They shall wonder from one village to another not being able to find peace.

Father, have you also heard that the Old Sojah Man is carrying on some secret recruitment? I don’t believe it!

Father, this one da na fire coming from my mouth oo. And it is not even missile that I am shooting. They say the man started recruiting some few weeks ago.

Are you serious with what you are saying? Father, I am telling you something, the people who want to rule us in this village some of them don’t have good heart for us oo.

So, my son, tell me this thing here, so the people who say they love this village and want to rule it, that these kind of plans they have to bring war again?

But Father, that one will not happen sef. No matter what happened, except you did not bring the peace we are currently enjoying to our village, that the only way these self-centered power greed people will take it.

Father, I don’t know how people who claim they love their people will think of putting them through hell.

You know it is like an old man who says he loves a lay girl and the girl says if you really love me and want the best for me, let me go and follow my heart and the old man says no, insisting that he just have to love to her or she will never have peace of mind.

And you know Father; the thing that can hurt me about these people is that they do not have one single investment here. You can hardly find any of their children here.  And all the big mouth they are making here and there is to put other people children on the streets and after they shall have accomplished their aims, then they forget about them, while their children return to ride flashy cars and get the best of life. And this is exactly what I can’t stand about them and I wish my brothers knew this.

Another thing is Father, all the big mouth they are making riding twisting their mouths from one corner to another, not one single investment they have here. Some of them who want to be president are squatting in family houses, while others have been staying in hotels for the past months.

Kitchen sef, they don’t have here and they are making all the mouth. Anyway they say the man who has nothing to lose is the most dangerous man. But for us we have a lot to lose And so we are praying that some of them who want to cause trouble may not live to hear the results of the votes being announce.

My son, if they like they should go and recruit an entire army, but they shall not succeed with their evil enterprise! They shall all be exposed and disgraced in public.

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