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Lord, please help us to find our containers

Dear Father:

Umm, Father, I didn’t know that our entire village could be so united like this oo. Everybody in our village have turned into volunteers. I mean the entire village has embarked on a container hunt-even our compatriots living outside of the village have joined the search. Um money matters!

What happened my son?

Father, you haven’t heard, how two big, big containers full with money for the village came through our sea and the air ports and just vanished without any trace?

Tell me something!

Father the thing serious, even sucking babies have spared their mothers, dosmestic workers have granted their staffs leave and the entire village have embarked on the search for our village money. Some people are searching on the sea asking the fishermen if they had seen a floating container, while others have gone to the borders. I mean from the Nimba Mountain, to the might Atlantic Ocean and the Wologisi Mountain in Lofa, the search is on.

Even Kaseproko has forgotten the recent dog fight between him and the old Paramount Chief and the two are leading a search team comprising of young militants from the Footballer’s camp to go and search his village in their highly forested fiefdom.

Father, you need to help us too oo. The thing is na easy oo. Right now, as I am writing you this letter, the entire village has been placed on an alert.

My son yor wait ya, why yor wasting yor time going from one village to another when the people right in Ducor there know where they have hidden the container.

Tell me something Father!

Yes, haven’t you heard the former big man from your big money house saying that the two containers came and one was taken to the big money houseand the other one went to one olden time money house that has not been functioning for almost 30 years now?

Hmmm, Father, but if this man know where these containers are why he can’t just go show the security people the place so we can stop searching all over the place and go back to our normal businesses?

I am serious Father. This container business that wahala done come for our village. Many people are afraid that Mamie Watta has even carried those containers like the way she usually does with some of our money around and we go searching in vain.

But Father, me I don’t care what they say or what the old big man from the big money house says, they must find our container oo. The man must not even breath air or walk on the ground he must show us where those containers are since he says they are not missing in the first place, we thank God, but he must now show us where they carried it.

Father the thing is very serious. That 16 billion when they give each tribe one billion sef, some of us that belong to two tribes will get something better because we will collect from so and so. At least da one will help me in my hustle and my kpakpakpa life.


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