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Lord, please let the Country Giant know da on this one, we not agree

Dear Father:

Hmmm, tell me the stories we are hearing is not true. Yes, please Father, tell me this is not true because the Country Giant can’t be so heartless to do this. No, had it been another regime, I would have been the first person to jump to my feet and say yes, this person is capable of doing this-but for the Country Giant please tell me it’s not true.
What is it again my son, what is happening that is not true?

Father, have you heard that our Country Giant has given the right to one of our neighboring villages to come and clear all our fishes from our waters for free after they finished harvesting all their own?
That’s impossible my son!

Oh, the man has been visiting this village regularly not knowing he was secretly selling our village fishes to those greedy people who have succeeded in harvesting all the fishes in their waters. Now, our most celebrated Country Giant has given them the right to come and harvest our own and take it to their village because only they alone get mouth to eat fish or make money from fish and get rich-none sense!

In the first place, not that they are coming to bring a company here to harvest the fish and sell it from here or even sell it here. No, none of that, it’s a free gift, it’s like telling your friend who has run out of shoes to say you can come and look among my shoes and take some.
Tell me something!

Yes, Father that is our Country Giant for you. So he doesn’t think about our future generations. How could he do this to the village he brag so much of loving? I mean, how could he? What is he profiting from these people so much that without hesitation he allowed them to convince him to come and harvest our fishes here for free?

That is nowhere near good neighborliness, it is call giving away one of your most treasured assets for free. You can only give something away that you have in surplus, with reserved for your unborn generations. But this one, imagine in the people village they can carry gun when they are going to fishing, talk less of what they will do in our territorial waters.
My son, I wonder your Country Giant knows that certain things are not just for sale-like inheritance, because it is not for you alone.

No Father, I don’t think the Country Giant understands that and I don’t know who talked him into doing that and whoever did, does not love him and this country- it’s a rip off. And to tell you the truth had this been the previous regime, by this time all his followers would have been blasting the airwaves telling the entire world that the people had mortgage our village for selfish gain.

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For sure my son, that would have been the case.Yes, Father, indeed there is no justification for the action of this Country Giant, you can’t do this to this village-forget good neighborliness it does not apply here.

Had the situation been in the reverse they will never and read my lips “I say they will never do that for you. These people taking us to be fools period!

And come to think of it Father, those we elected at the Traditional Council to prevent matters like this will surely go ahead and rectify this.

You mean the chiefs from the Traditional Council?
Yes Father. Sometimes it’s like they don’t exist as an oversight body anymore. And they think it’s only the Country Giant that will be accountable for what is going on here in our village they are lying every one of them will give account for the positions they occupy one day. They will have to tell us what they did with the powers that we entrusted with them.

You know, there is a saying that the easiest thing to do is to sit in your little corner and criticize everything somebody does, but when you come there to occupy that same seat you will do worse than that person ever did and I hope after the next five years we don’t wake up one morning to think that we have made a mistake. My advice, Mr. Country Giant please tell your friend you made a mistake by offering he and his fish eating population free sea food. Tell them, your people say “they not go greed.”

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