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Lord, really, is this Town Chief really serious?

Dear Father:

Um, you know its kina funny that people will disturb our ears, waste our time in persuading us over and over telling us that it’s our civil duties to go stand in line for hours just to put them in power, and after they have succeeded in making us do that then they turn and look into our faces like fools and tell us that anything they do, they are untouchable.

Can you believe this nonsense Father? Is it a game of Monopoly where one obtains a get out of jail free card or a Bond Movie with license to kill? Nonsense!

My son what are you pacing and fuming about again?

Father is it not that chief, that old Rooster man telling people that anything they do as chiefs they are untouchable because they have immunity to do whatever they want and get away with it-nonsense one more time.

Oh, my son, but that the thing you getting vex for and your heart beating faster like this? Take time before you suffer from heart attack oo because life too short for sorrow.

What do you mean Father?

My son, these people don’t worth your breath before I say your energy. Have you forgotten the saying-how power corrupts and it corrupts the arrogant ones absolutely?

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Father, I cannot agreed with you more on this one because to say that you are untouchable because you are a chief is near insanity. Let him go and bypass his respect like the song writer says and see if he will not bother with his disgrace.

Like seriously Father, let him just be there and think because he is chief representing one Fiefdom in our village so it gives him the power to say or do anything and get away with it.

Why do these people always like to mislead others?

I tell you Father! We know that our village Oracle says that anything they do as chiefs at the Traditional Council in line with their duties are exempted from prosecution that mean people going after them.

And come to think of it Father, one would assume that the main reason the framers of our Oracle put it in there is to secure them from intimidation from the king or queen at the Castle whose interest may be compromised by the statement or comment made by them so that they can do the village people work freely and fairly without what the book people called “prejudice”.

Another reason is that if they have issue outside of their work and the other party wants to drag them to the Palaver Hut or something, our Oracle says they cannot be arrested while going to work or coming from work. But that doesn’t mean when they do wrong then they are immune.

Go and rape somebody daughter and see if they will not drag your old self before the Oracle. This loose interpretation of our village Oracle to favor these chiefs is the one causing lot of problems for us.

I remembered one other female chief who only spent short time at the Traditional Council during the first term of the Iron Old Lady saying similar nonsense like this to the point that they have the power to drag people before them at the Traditional Council for even pushing them in the market.

Father what she was saying in actual sense that even at a jammed market center where everybody is passing by each other pushing and shuffling-they have the right to cite you for contempt just for that-no wonder she lasted just few years at the Traditional Council.

But the thing is these are the loose interpretations of the Oracle that make some of these chiefs behave the way they do and for someone like this particular chief who knows the Oracle to speak like some of his colleagues who have no idea about the Oracle is not only a shame but a disgrace. And thank God he didn’t become out village king.

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