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Lord, so the “No Book” people na get the thing?

Dear Father:

So this thing here, it looks like the “No Book” people na carry it oo. I am looking on Facebook and all the tones are reducing, I mean the “Book” people are calming down. They have begun singing a new song: “yes yor na win, but we will work.” Ah wa, that geez ooh.

So, they want to tell me that monkey dey work baboon dey chop thing they been doing around here. Wait a minute, so if they knew all of these, why did they waste our time like this? Why didn’t they just say it’s all about the job from the beginning?

My son, you know, people always have a way of consoling themselves in defeat. So the people gat to take solace in something too na.

No, Father, they could also be right too oo. The book people gat their saying that you prepared to wait for an opportunity, not wait for an opportunity to come before you prepare.

So when the Book people give up to say the “No Book” people na win, but they will work, it is something serious oo.

The truth is what most of the people from the “No Book” camp have not considered yet as they prepare to party all over the place tomorrow is what comes after the party. I mean Father, after they have danced on the streets and paraded in victory style, what would happen after the next day.

You see, it is one thing to desire something but it is another thing if you have absolutely no plan, no road map as to how to make good of what you have desired.

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What are you trying to say my son?

Father, truth be told, there are things we are missing here oo. Yes, it is true that the “No Book” people are poised to carry this thing and there are no doubts about it, except there is a miracle. But as things stand only the fool will hope for such a miracle.

Anyway, so when all the noise has died down and the first day of work is set to begin, it will be something to watch oo.

Well, Father, right now let the “No Book” people handle their own expectation for me it’s their cup of tea. But my thing is to tell the Book people, I told you so.

They are their own problem and major cause for their own miseries. They did not listen to your prophet. They don’t know that I can hear from you too, not because I am not wearing a white gown and standing behind a pulpit every Sunday.

I was very prophetic when I repeatedly told them that if they did not put their house in order, they would have been destroyed they said I was a paid agent.

My son, no don’t’ bring that other talk at this time, the defeat is already hurting the people; especially the kind of beating this boy has given them.

Father, the old people say the child who can’t hear can feel. They also say when you tell the child popo is on the palm kernel and they don’t listen, leave them let them burst it, when they burst it then they will smell it.

I just hope they get all the emergency vehicles on red alert because the roads are going to be busy.

I heard some people have started living in regret already. But what we care anyway, when you play big heart, you can suffer like a small child.

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