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Lord, so who really caused financial loss to the state na?

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Dear Father:
So I heard the Palaver Hut coming to set the Old Rooster man and his friends free ehn. Wonders shall never end in this highly forested village of ours. Um, it shall be well.
You say whatin, which people are they coming to set free and for what my son?

Oh, Father, um you haven’t heard? Ay mehn, you remember that palaver during the Old Lady time when they say the Rooster man and some people collected money from some business people from one of Uncle Sam cousin’s village, um that the trouble thereoo.
Yes, my son, I can remember. How much was the money sef?
They say the money was 900,000 of Uncle Sam’s money.

Oh, Father, huh, da small noise that money business brought in this town. They say one of the old Paramount Chiefs from the lower end of the Traditional Council hands were also inside along with plenty other big people.

Anyway, for me da na the issue. My concern here is okay, you say Uncle Sam’s cousin brought his own money and gave it to the people and we all agreed that the people did bad thing for taking money under the table and trying to sign some papers that would have sold our riches to them, which we know-thank God that did not happened.

Now, Father look at it this way too. So, it all happens that Uncle Sam’s cousins were unable to get our resources in the first place and therefore we could say they loss.

But come to think of it that the Old Lady would allowed one crafty wise man from the Great Grand Walking Fiefdom, who is now one of the chiefs from that place sitting at the Traditional Council to use 1 million of Uncle Sam’s money to fight a useless case is rather the main crime committed here.
You sure that 1 million, my son?

Father, whether that 1 million or even half million sef, that still money.
Father, this is where the issue is-even the old lady selling bitter boy (garden egg) in the market knows that she will not go after a market that will cause her more money and sell at less price. She can make sure that when she goes to buy, all her money will come from inside.

But if the market oldma sits down and calculates, and thereafter realizes that the market na get profit she will not put her money inside it. Simply put Father, had it been the bitter boy seller, who knows she was not getting a dime from that thing she wouldn’t have put her money inside.

And strongly too Father, between 900,000 and 1000,000 is a 100, 000. So whichever way-even if the people were going to bring back the money to the village, the village would have still recorded a loss.

So, Father, now that they say the Palaver Hut coming to set the Rooster man and some of his friends free, are they going to hold the Old Lady and the chief who wasted our village money wawa like that to bring back our 1 million because we need it oo.

How you will go spend da kina money like that free and still be passing around as if nothing happened?

Can you imagine this Father? What kina people will go into a battle not calculating their cost and benefit or was it another charade?

This thing is serious. This is where my man them supposed to start the save the state thing long time. Somebody wasting the village meager money on a palaver that is 100,000 less-da na causing financial loss to the village.

But me, I will wait, after my men them finish their June 7 save the state protest, I will collect the cock-roaches, mosquitoes, chickens and dogs from my house, we will come protest for that 1 million there-because Father, just as the village will be releasing the Rooster man and his friends, me and my group will be filling our owner writ of mandamus (that big English oo), so the wise man turned chief who told the Old Lady that he could win this case and demanded 1 million from our village meager sum to come and show cause why we should not have him lock up.

Nobody should ask me how the spending of this money injured me, and my chickens, my dogs, my mosquitoes because the very act of wasting this money has brought problem in our quiet neighborhood as the bushes and slums have increase and the mosquitoes, cock-roaches and I now have to fight for my space, because that money could have made the difference and therefore under our village law prohibition will hold or da different law I need to plea-Father help me!

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