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Lord, some of these people are really heartless

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Dear Father:

Hahaha, hahaha, oooh, hahaha, hahaha, oooh, my side is even hurting self. Umm, tears even running down my cheeks.

What’s going on my son, you are very happy today-it looks like you have found the Old Lady susu card ehn?

I beg, you ya Father, that Old Lady who get glue in her palm like that, that she the one will drop her susu card. Anyway, I am laughing not because I am so excited. It is a pity you know, Father, that politicians can be so heartless. I mean the people get real dirty way, like we say in our village here.

Uh, which one you on again today my son?

Father, I was just reading a story from one of our neighboring villages where the poor people have been protesting for the past weeks. In fact, many of them have died protesting.

What are they protesting about?

Oh, their President says he wants to go for third round. He says the two rounds he has had is still not enough-that Oliver Twist now, you know how they are greedy.

But that is not the one that is making me to laugh with my mouth wide open amid tears running down my cheeks as I hold my side tightly.

Waits mall my pekin, so if it is not about his wanting third term, what about this protest that is so funny when you say people are dying?

Father, didn’t you hear that why his blue uniform boys were killing the poor people who do not want him to have third term, the man was on the field playing football? Isn’t that a total disregard to the plight and concerns of the people? And to add insult to injury, he’s telling them if they like they should go and burn the sea, what he wants, he gets!

You don’t mean that my son, you mean his people are being killed and he is on a football field having fun?

Uh, Father, it looks like the thing the people can say that you had since turned your back on our dark continent that true. You want to tell me you have not heard this thing? I say the man was on the field playing football. They say the man gat his own football team and he is a striker who scores goals regularly. And trust me, he gat his own diehard kind of cheer leaders too like we do here in our highly forested village.

Umm, my son, does that ring a bell to you?

What Father, that the man is so heartless?

No my son.

Okay, I gat you, that he is simply telling them to hell with you all, I will still get what I want anyway?

No, my son, you are still not getting me? I say doesn’t the football ring a bell to you, that the people will be protesting and their leader will say to hell with them and go about his pleasure doing what he loves most-playing or watching football games?

Oh yes, Father, I know from whence you come. But you see, the old people say a child who can’t hear can feel.

Ehn the other day our Footballer who wants to be at the head of our Village Castle was giving the people in his Fiefdom cheek.

The people were complaining the other day how since they made him chief at the Upper House of the Traditional Council, he can’t sit down in his Fiefdom to identify their needs-If he is not in Uncle Sam’s village today, tomorrow he is at some kind of football game in Uncle Sam’s cousins; village.

When the people went to complain, he told them to go to hell and that he is not on travelling ban. The man says he can be anywhere to run his Fiefdom!

Ooh, can you imagine that Father? So, tell me when the man sits in the Castle and people are making noise about their living condition, you don’t think the man will be traveling from one league to another to ease his stress? And when the people go talk, you think he will not bring in soccer stars from around the neighboring villages to play mini league? And the way some of his people can act like cut neck chicken that na trouble we will be in here?

You know Father, sometimes I pretend not to understand the mind set of these people but I do-they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When they are not there yet, like the Ray-head man who is doing his 50 years in Uncle Sam’s cousin village, they appear like angles. But give them the power, you will regret the day you stood behind that small box. And when their people are like some of the ones we have around here that can behave like cut neck or cut head chicken, if you are not careful, you will have an empty village left, because of their ineptitudes, they will hunt down anyone who criticize them-heartless people!

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